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Raising Funds for the railway

Aluminium tins and foil The LMS/BR Group collects this, please leave at Bridgnorth station.

Insurance NFU Mutual supports the SVR. It offers home, travel, car and caravan insurance, pensions and investments. Call (0800 197 1283 or visit here. 

Old ink cartridges and mobile phones Recycling these through EAH Recycling [hyperlink]  raises money for the Railway.Contact (01473 658161 for freepost envelopes.(Does not apply to all print cartridges, please check here []). 

Savings West Bromwich Building Society offers a variable rate account via its branches, to SVR supporters.  A bonus is paid to SVR each year based on average balance held in all accounts. Benefits include upgrades to 1st class from 3rd class and 10% discount on goods totalling £7 and over from the railway gift shop. See here or the branch leaflet for details.

Search the web, shop online and trade on eBay By using everyclick as you can raise funds for Trevithick 200, Western Locomotive Association, or GWR (SVR) Association.  By using easysearch as your search engine and easyfundraising to buy online you can register for donations to go to SVR Charitable Trust or GWR (SVR) Association.

Support Funds and Groups You can support some funds by membership or purchasing shares.

Barry Coach 163 - Membership of Barry Railway Carriage Trust is open to all.

D1013 and D1062 - Membership of Western Locomotive Association Limited (a charity) is open to all.

Coaches GNR 2701 and LNER 24105 - The LNER (SVR) Coach Fund is open to all.

No. 2857 - Membership of the 2857 Society is open to all.

No. 4150 – 4150 Fund. Funding is by £1 shares (minimum £25).

No. 7325 - Membership of the Great Western (SVR) Association (a charity) is open to all.

Nos. 7802 and 7812 - Erlestoke Manor Fund. Funding is by £5 shares, with a minimum of £100 and a maximum £5,000.

No. 42968 – Membership of Stanier Mogul Fund is open to all.

No. 48773 – Membership of The Stanier 8F Locomotive Society Limited (a charity) is open to all.

50 031, D444, 50 049 and 50 135 - Shares are available in The Class 50 Alliance Ltd

DMU Cars 52064, 59250, 51941, 50933 and 56208 - Membership of DMU Group (West Midlands) is open to all.

No. 82045 – Membership of The 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust (a charity) is open to all. It is now easier than ever to donate to 82045. The group is signed up to `Just Text Giving`. Full details on its `How to Help` page.

Also you can support 7819 Hinton Manor by donations to The SVR  Charitable Trust Limited(a charity), and 4930 Hagley Hall by donations to the Friends of Hagley Hall.

TAX EFFICIENT financial support to the Severn Valley Railway The following groups associated with the Railway have charitable status: The SVR Charitable Trust, GW(SVR)A, Kidderminster Railway Museum, Western Locomotive Association, Trevithick 200, The 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust, 1501 Pannier Tank Association and The Stanier 8F Locomotive Society Limited. 

Gift Aid on donations means the charity reclaims 25p on every £1 if you’re paying income tax.

Legacies Bequests can be willed without attracting Inheritance Tax, currently 40% on the value of estates above £325,000 (£650,000 for married couples and civil partners). The SVR Charitable Trust has a bequest form on its website. A measure in the 2011 budget will reduce the rate of inheritance tax from 40% to 36% for those estates leaving 10% or more to charity.

Payroll Giving Donate directly from your gross salary with immediate tax relief. More info here and here.

Will your employer support the Railway..? Even in these times, some employers have a 'good causes fund' and staff can apply for paid time as a volunteer, or funds for their good cause. You can check what’s available with your employer, usually on its intranet or through its HR or payroll team.


Patrick Hearn