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Why two web sites?

The main svr web site ( is well-established and has seen constant improvement, but it is primarily aimed at the travelling public.

It has long been felt that a second site is needed - a site which would offer more timely, detailed information, which could be accessed by people who need more detailed information about the railway. Also, it is becoming more and more important to improve communication with those who work on or are members of the railway. This site has been created in response to these needs.

How can you help?
It's important for us to get an idea of what information users want to see on the site, and whether the site is working for you. If it is, we need to know.
Issues you could comment on are (for instance):
  • General impressions of the site.
  • Usability - can you get around and find what you need.
  • Is the information supplied useful? If so, what's good and what's not.
  • What other information would you like to see.

Please let us have your comments via the email contact form on the 'Feedback' page. All your emails will come direct to us and we will read and act on (if possible) every one.

Thanks in advance!