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A glimpse of the future...

We’ve been working on a new SVRLive - with some of the old favourites, and some new features. It's not quite ready to go live yet, but we think you'd like to have a look - and let us know how we're getting on. During the development period it's over at Come on over and give it a try!

View the Bridgnorth Development planning documentation here.

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The SVR Main Web Site


The observant amongst you will have already noticed that the SVR website is looking a bit different… On the 23rd June we switched to the ‘updated’ version of – and held our breath as the ‘test’ website which we had been working on for some months went live!

This is what we have improved:
• Improved accessibility on mobile devices/tablets – the updated website is capable of working well on all devices. The display content changes depending on how you are accessing the site and most importantly the ticket office is now fully functional on all devices.
• A design refresh – the website now uses a new design template to ‘freshen’ up the look of the site and wide-screen format which makes full use of the space available for images and messages.
• A review of website navigation, main headings and content – visitor information is now prioritised under the heading ‘Plan your visit’. Navigating the site is much simpler through the layout of menus/sub-menus and streamlined content throughout the site. 
• First time visitor introductory features – the website includes an interactive map which provides a visual representation of the line and basic information for the first time visitor (click through on home page) with drone video of the line.
SVR Main Site to open this site in a new window.



The Monthly SVR Working Members Newsletter - Express Points and Web Round Up Supplement are available to download now by clicking HERE