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First sign of winter (works)...

Tree clearance by volunteers has begun at the old sugar beet sidings at Foley Park, in preparation for a temporary road access and contractors’ compound from the adjacent Silverwoods development. Chis Bond, Infrastructure Manager, writes:

"This will provide access for Walsh Construction who will be carrying out major winter work on Falling Sands Viaduct. In preparation for this, St Francis Group (the adjacent landowner) are carrying out land remediation hence the recent signs of fresh earthworks."

"It is intended to use the opportunity of the 12 week closure of the Bewdley to Kidderminster section to relay up to a mile of track and include new point work which will also take into account the possible future development of a Wagon Shed and sidings at Foley Park."

"Longer term the access road will be made permanent and include a loco unloading facility to relieve the difficult access at Kidderminster Station. Additionally, the permanent road will provide emergency access, particularly as a previous entry point at Stourport Road Bridge was blocked off with new building."

Photo: Rob Steward

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