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Welcome to SVRLive!

This site provides information of interest to members, shareholders and enthusiasts. You can let us have your comments and suggestions by completing the feedback form.

Shareholders. Click the button above to access the AGM 2024 page which contains information and documents relating to the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 22nd June.

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SVR Wiki
A link to an unofficial project aimed to collect information and record events relating to the SVR, both past and present.

Photo acknowledgements

We thank the SVR photographers group and those who have given permission to use their images, including the below.

John Alsop, Michael Anderson, Jeff Atkins, Amy Baker, Duncan Ballard, Margaret Barfield, Robert Batty, Jerry Beddows, Simon Beeston, Jed Bennett, John Bentley, David Bissett, Andrew Blackford, David Bissett, Chris Bond, Stephen Bottrill, Dave Bowles, Alan Brookes, Keith Brown, Ellis Butler, Alan Campbell, Lesley Carr, Tony Carwithen, Mike Catton, Philip Chatfield, Robin Childs, Tom Clarke, Brent Cleeton, Ian Cook, David Cooke, Kate Cooke, David Coombs, Alan Corfield, Mike Cranmore, Samantha Cranmore, Mike Davies, Trevor Davies, Alan Lester Dennis, Kellie Downey, Bob Dunn, Tim Dunn, Stephen Duce, Jonathan Dunster, Tim Easter, Kenny Felstead, Chris Field, Matt Fielding, Paul Finch, Mark French, James French, Brian Graystone, Bob Green, Rob Green, Bill Griffiths, Richard Gunning, Clive Hanley, Nigel Hanson, Kieran Hardy, Joshua Harvey, Adrian Hassell, Paul Hastie, Mick Haynes, Richard Herington, Dave Hill, Richard Hill, Laura Hines, Ian Hollis, Jason Hood, Anthony Howard, Michael Howard, Peter Hudson, David Insull, Martyn James, Nathan James, Lyn Jones, Brad Joyce, Alison Kershaw, Bob Kershaw, Jack Knight, Duncan Langtree, Sam Lench, Andy Lock, Rod Mackay, Russell Maiden, Bob Marshall, Catherine Martin, Dave Massey, Barry Moreton, Kevin Moseley, Ian Murray, Jim Norman, Ronan O'Brien, John Oates, Ian Palfrey, Gary Parsons, James Pearson, Paul Pearson, Peter Pearson, Dai Phillips, Graham Phillips, William Pizer, Chris Ponsford, Jane Preece, Kain Prestwood, Gareth Price, Gareth James Price, Steve Pritchard, Will Randle, Dave Redbourne, Leo Roberts, Matt Robinson, Tom Robson, Paul Roe, Zezel Ryck, Darren Shelmerdine, John Sherratt, Dan Shorthouse, Andrew Simmonds, Pete Simpson, Anthony Slade, Nick J Smith, Roger Smith, Paul Spedding, Rob Steward, Phil Swallow, Bob Sweet, Jonathan Symonds, Martyn Tattam, Simon Taylor, Nigel Terry, Sue Thomas, John Thompson, Michelle Thompson, John Titlow, Trevor Tompkins, Matt Walford, Angela Walker, Jack Walker, Leonard Warrington, Sam Weaver, James Westwood, Rob Westwood, Martin White, Jonathan Wilcox, Anthony Williamson, Keith Wilkinson, Adrian Williams, Matthew Wilson, Ken Witherow, Nick Yarwood, Sam Young.

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