Reciprocal travel


List of participants

  • Avon Valley Railway

  • Bluebell Railway

  • Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway (SRPS)

  • Dean Forest Railway

  • East Lancs Railway

  • Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway

  • Gloucester & Warwickshire Steam Railway

  • Great Central Railway

  • Gwili Railway

  • Helston Railway

  • Isle of Wight Steam Railway

  • Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

  • Kent & East Sussex Railway

  • Leighton Buzzard Railway

  • Llangollen Railway

  • Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway (from 27/09/21)

  • Mid Hants Railway

  • Mid Norfolk Railway

  • North Norfolk Railway*

  • North Yorkshire Moors Railway

  • Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway

  • Seaton Tramway

  • South Devon Railway

  • Spa Valley Railway

  • Strathspey Railway

  • Swanage Railway**

  • Talyllyn Railway

  • Volks Electric Railway

*Not valid on trains to Cromer, but as these are pre-booked diner services only, this is not relevant as far as reciprocal travel is concerned.

**SVR staff passes will be accepted for Wareham-Swanage Day Rover travel including the 'link'. You’ll need a Swanage Railway complementary ticket. Car parking at Wareham station is restricted, so it’s best to travel there by public transport.

Please note that the Reciprocal Travel Scheme applies only to SVR working or retired working members who are in possession of an appropriate pass.

Notes on the scheme


On 'Normal' operating days' timetables all the railways signed up for the scheme should permit free third class (or 2nd or standard class on some lines) on production of an SVR working members staff pass.

Some railways, like the SVR, accept the pass and don't issue a ticket whilst others issue a complementary ticket.

On Gala days and certain other 'Special Events' days when there are special timetables in operation, in theory all should provide a reduced rate fare in line with what we do but in practice it varies from similar arrangements to the SVR, to free, to no concessions at all.

It is safest to assume that such restrictions apply at Galas and either phone in advance or certainly enquire at the Booking Office on arrival.

Phil Ralls  Reciprocal Travel Officer


23rd March 2022

I'm pleased to announce that as from 2nd April 2022 we can welcome Llangollen Railway back to our Reciprocal Travel Scheme and accordingly they are back on our list.

Usual conditions apply with free travel on normal operating days and reduced rate (Llangollen Railway Member rate) at Galas. Usual exemptions with no concessions at Santas etc.

SVR Pass Holders when visiting Llangollen Railway are requested to produce their pass to either a booking office or TTI who will then issue them with a no charge ticket.

It's nice to welcome them back after their unfortunate recent events.

I need to

25th August 2021

With the resumption of 'Hop on, Hop off' or 'Turn up and Go' operation from 7th September I was personally very pleased to be informed that our 'Reciprocal Travel Scheme' would also be able to resume.

I need to make you aware that currently the situation away from the SVR is still very much in a state of 'flux' and I still advise that if you are intending to visit a member railway a pre visit phone call would be worthwhile.

Closer to home though I have some good news from our neighbours The Gloucestershire, Warwickshire Steam Railway (GWSR) who, although they have shut down their Reciprocal Travel Scheme for the remainder of 2021, have as a gesture of good will, agreed to grant SVR Working/Retired working members free travel as per the scheme. This is on 'normal' operating days only. 

Unfortunately a couple of former members of the scheme have left us. One of these sadly is Llangollen Railway who you will no doubt be aware have recently experienced some  problems which are currently being addressed. I have been corresponding with them and am optimistic as to their future and have assured them that when they feel the time is right they will be welcome to rejoin the scheme.

Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway intimated that they are not interested in remaining in the scheme and I have deleted them accordingly.

Amended Reciprocal Travel Member Lists will be circulated prior to September 7th.

Let's hope that 2022 will prove to be as near to 'business as usual' as possible.

19 July 2021

As from today, and the lifting of Covid 19 Restrictions it is timely to update as far as I'm able, how it is likely to affect our Reciprocal Travel Scheme.

I'm sorry to say that this is not an easy task and things remain more or less as they are for the time being.

To give you examples, I recently had a holiday in Norfolk and I enquired as to the situation on North Norfolk Railway and Mid Norfolk Railway and established that NNR whilst operating in a similar way to us were not offering reciprocal concessions and MNR had not commenced operating at all.

One of our TTIs however whilst on holiday in the west country enjoyed free travel on Bodmin and Wenford Railway. Earlier in the pandemic another of our members enjoyed free travel on Seaton Tramway. Unfortunately should any working members from those organisations visit SVR they would currently not be afforded any such concessions.

You will see from these examples the 'grey' area that has been created by the pandemic with no hard and fast rules applying.

So for the time being my advice remains the same ie if you're intending to visit a railway in the scheme then please phone in advance to establish their operating conditions such as pre booking etc and mention the fact that you're a working or retired working member and whether they are permitting free travel or not.


Further updates when things change.

Phil Ralls   Reciprocal Travel Officer.

12 May 2021

We have been informed by Llangollen Railway Trust Ltd that the railway has gone into administration and is closed with all staff being made redundant. The railway has been removed from the list.


Phil Ralls  TTI / Reciprocal Travel Officer