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The 'SVR TODAY' Channel

General Information

As we reopen for business and restart the train service, we will be busy, and will need to respond to circumstances that may change weekly, or even daily. Therefore, it is more important than ever that we provide all staff with relevant and timely information.

We are implementing a facility within Teams that provides a single place for this information, which can be readily accesses from a computer or a mobile device.

In Teams we already have a 'News' team. This is an 'org-wide' team, which means that anyone with an logon automatically gets access. Take a look at the graphic on the right.

  • The 'Notices' channel holds copies of all recent NBIs - posting to this channel is restricted.

  • The 'General' channel is currently empty and posting here (subject to the guidelines) is open to everyone.

  • The 'SVR TODAY' channel will be the main resource for providing important information over the coming months. Posting to this channel is restricted, but anyone can reply to a post.


Getting Access

The easiest way

The simple way is to get the Teams app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Log on with your credentials, click 'Teams' and you'll see the 'News' team - just click 'Restart'.

The slightly-more-difficult way

Teams is also available as a downloadable application for Windows 10. It also has a fully functioning web version, so you can just access it from any compatible web browser software.

Whichever method you want to use - mobile, Windows 10 application, or via the web, we've got simple instructions for you. Just click the link below:

Getting started with Teams.



Documents are stored under the 'Files' tab at the top of the 'SVR TODAY' channel. These are in pdf format and when you click a file it will open in Teams. When you have finished, just click 'Close' at the top right.


Everyone can post in the 'General' channel. Please remember that you are bound by our IT policy (see 'Usage Guidance' opposite).

We would encourage people around the railway to post about general matters which are relevant to the current situation and the way we as an organisation are dealing with it. You are our eyes and ears.

Usage Issues

Data Protection

Information made available within Teams must not be posted on any other platform, internal or external. Doing so will jeopardise the company's compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Usage Guidance

Please remember that OFF-POL-202 IT Systems Usage Policy applies to all SVR Systems. A copy of this will be posted to the 'Files' tab at the top of the 'Restart' channel.

I have a password problem

No problem - simply email and we'll send you a temporary password and instructions to get you going again. 

I don't have a company logon

No problem - simply complete the form on this page. We'll set you up and send you joining details.

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