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SVR WiFi Access


Access is available to all members of staff and the general public free of charge. This facility can be accessed at several locations on the railway by using a single password. The bandwidth (or the total amount of traffic) is limited, to ensure that it does not affect the company’s core systems, so at busy times the response may be slow.

Accessing the internet

Your device (laptop, smartphone or tablet for example) should detect the facility automatically. It will show up as ‘SVRWiFi’. The security level is set as ‘WPA2 PSK’, but most devices will connect without requiring this to be set. The password is the same at all locations, but as it is changed periodically you need to check at the location. At most locations there are signs which publicise the facility and show the password. Otherwise, please ask a member of staff.


Locations and coverage are as follows:

  1. Kidderminster. The ‘King & Castle’, the ‘Valley Suite’, the booking hall, the shop and on the concourse. Also the Comberton Place offices and the Diesel Depot.

  2. Bewdley. The main station building, platform 1, buffet, the staff car park and some of the main car park.

  3. Arley. The platforms near the signal box and the station building; also part of the yard.

  4. Highley. The main station building, platform and surrounding area. Also the ‘Engine House’ and its environs.

  5. Hampton Loade. The main station building and platforms.

  6. Bridgnorth. The main station buildings including the Railwayman's Arms, shop, booking hall and buffet. Also some of platform 1 and the adjacent car park.



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