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2018 archive: New cards for old

As advised in the Shareholders' Newsletter issued in March, we intend to replace all Silver, Gold and Platinum travel passes with a “credit card” style pass bearing a photo of the shareholder (or shareholders if the shares are jointly held). We asked shareholders affected by this change to send us a passport style photo to aid us with this change. Thank you to those shareholders who have already replied. We have had a good response to date, and the current plan is to issue the new style cards later this year, probably around Autumn.

There are many shareholders, however, who have still to supply us with a photo. If you have not yet done so and have 1200 shares or more, could you please send us a passport style photo (or photos if it is a joint shareholding).

They can be sent by email (to, by post, or by calling in at the main office, Number One, Comberton Place, Kidderminster DY10 1QR where we can take a photo if necessary.

At some point the current card passes will cease to be valid. The final date will be published in the Shareholders Newsletter, which will be issued during March. In order to achieve a smooth transition, however, it would be helpful if shareholders could respond sooner rather than later.


Queries and Benefits

A small number of shareholders have been calling with queries concerning their benefits and the issue of passes, if you have not been able to get through please email us at and we will respond and resolve any problems as quickly as we can.

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