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Traffic Information

Traffic Notices and Working Timetables

This page has links to current operational documents, which are all in Adobe 'pdf' format. You will need 'Adobe Reader' on your machine to open these. You can get the Reader from here. (This link will open in a new window).

Although you can just click on a link, the best way to access the document is by right-clicking on the link and choosing 'Save Target As ...'. This will allow you to browse to your machine and select a target location for the download.

Are you a working member looking for information regarding your next turn? If you are, please read this important information.

Traffic Notices & Working Timetables

Traffic Notices


Saturday 23rd September - Table B

Sunday 24th September - Table A

Monday 25th September - No Service

Tuesday 26th September - No Service

Wednesday 27th September - No Service

Thursday 28th September - Autumn Diesel Gala

Friday 29th September - Autumn Diesel Gala

Saturday 30th September - Autumn Diesel Gala

Sunday 1st October - Autumn Diesel Gala

Monday 2nd October - No Service

Tuesday 3rd October - No Service

Wednesday 4th October - No Service

Thursday 5th October - No Service

Friday 6th October - No Service

Working Timetables

WTT for Saturday 23rd September

WTT for Sunday 24th September

WTT for Thursday 28th September - See Booklet

WTT for Friday 29th September- See Booklet

WTT for Saturday 30th September - See Booklet

WTT for Sunday 1st October - See Booklet

Loco Allocations (updated 23/09/23)

Saturday 23rd September (Table B)

BS1 -  21C127

BS2 - 37263

BS3 - 4930

Sunday 24th September (Table A + Chtr)

AS1 - 21C127

AS2 - 50035

Chtr - 4930

Monday 25th September (No Service)


Tuesday 26th September (No Service)


Wednesday 27th September (No Service)


Thursday 28th September (Autumn Diesel Gala)


Friday 29th September (Autumn Diesel Gala)


Saturday 30th September (Autumn Diesel Gala)


Sunday 1st October (Autumn Diesel Gala)


Monday 2nd October (No Service)


Tuesday 3rd October (No Service)


Wednesday 4th October (No Service)


Thursday 5th October (No Service))


Friday 6th October (No Service))


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