SVR Members and the Data Protection Regulation


The link below enables you to register for the email address list, as notified to you in the recent 'SVR News' mailing.

Below is an extract from the slip included in the mailing:

As you may be aware, the new General Data Protection Regulation came into force on the 25th May. (If you wish more information about GDPR, please visit

As far as this Company (the ‘Guarantee’ Company) is concerned, it will not affect distribution of the quarterly Severn Valley Railway News since this is included in your membership subscription and is part of your membership ‘package’.

From time to time, however, we would like to send you special offers and timely information on current SVR events. We will send these by email, but in order to do so we must comply with the new GDPR regulation.

Now is an opportune time to update our email address list. If you have an email address and would like to be included (even if you have supplied one to us already) , please complete the online form below.

Please be assured that the information you submit will not be used for any purpose other than contacting you about SVR matters. Being on the email list means that we record your email address in addition to your membership details. For your information, the SVR Privacy Policy can be viewed at



You can view our privacy policy on this page.

You can also view the policy at

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