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Page updated on: 17/07/18 at 17:00

A gradual reintroduction of steam - 17/07/18

We are intending to reintroduce steam locomotives over the next few days, according to the following plan:

  • From Thursday 19th July 2857 (BY) & 7802 (BH) will be returned to service. The two locos will work booked steam diagrams N1 & S1 on Thursday and Friday. There are no booked additional traffic requirements.

  • Providing the re-introduction of steam on Thursday and Friday passes without issue, 1501 will be added to the line-up from Saturday 21st July. this will give 3 steam locos in use (2 service, 1 Footplate Experience) with two trains diesel hauled.

  • On Sunday 22nd of July a fourth loco, 1450, will be added. Due to its restricted load capability Sunday is the first day upon which it has the opportunity to work a train within its loadings.

  • During the week commencing July 23rd if all services are operating satisfactorily after the weekend, 43106 will be re-entered into traffic.

Performance will be monitored by the Operations Team on a daily basis. Any fire incidents will be logged. If a specific locomotive causes problems it will be withdrawn and replaced by a diesel locomotive.
An objective assessment will be made by the Duty Officer, Operations Team, Loco Crew Management and ESMP engineers in to the causes of any fires started by locomotives.

We are conscious that our local Fire & Rescue services are busy at this time, and we take our responsibility to the community seriously. We are fundamentally a heritage steam railway, and if we can operate steam-hauled trains without incident and without inconveniencing our neighbours we will do so.

Our thanks go to all the diesel loco crew who have stepped forward over the last few days to ensure that our public services have continued to operate.

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