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Bridgnorth Development - help list

This page was last updated on: 13/06/17

Donations-in-kind and sponsorship will help us reduce the cost of this very special project. If you know of a particular item on this help-list, we would be very grateful to hear about it.

Please contact: Bridgnorth Project Team

Thank you,

David Postle Bridgnorth Project Team

June 13th 2017

Slate surround, like that in the waiting room at Highley, for a cast iron fireplace.

GWR fender for the same.

(SVR News No. 198).

There are three fireplaces involved in the work we are doing at Bridgnorth.

One is destined for the refreshment room and is almost identical to the one in the waiting room at Highley.  We have the cast-iron inner plus the tiles, but we do not have the slate surround that goes with it - hence the request in case anyone might have a spare one.  The fender is to fit the Highley-style fireplace as well.  It is interesting that the existing fireplace at Highley does not possess a proper fender.  They are very plain (unusual for the GWR!) and bigger than that shown on the Highley picture.

The remaining two are Ricocco, one for the booking hall (illustrated in the current SVR News), and one just slightly smaller for the new bar room (the ex-shop store). 

David Postle Bridgnorth Project Team

March 17th 2017

Only six GWR 'Arts & Crafts' style upholstered office chairs c1920-1950 with either square or turned legs from the below list need to be found - please can you help? (SVR News No. 197).

December 16th 2016


  • Twelve GWR 'Arts & Crafts' style upholstered office chairs c1920-1950 with either square or turned legs

  • Four GWR upholstered waiting room benches

  • A GWR waiting room table

  • Four GWR standard cast iron and timber platform benches for the new terrace outside the refreshment room



  • Three GWR standard cast iron fenders, for the new working fireplaces in the waiting room, snug and refreshment room

  • Two GWR wall clocks, for servery lobby and staff messrom

  • Two GWR cast iron umbrella stands, for bar and refreshment room

  • A GWR drop case clock, for refreshment room

  • GWR posters c 1935-47



  • Three Briton C-type 'pot belly' overhead door closers, complete and in good working order

  • Three GWR station door rim locks, to be used as latches only, 8x5.5"

  • A Newman Tonks large door-mounted helical closer, for entrance door to Gents

  • GWR wrought iron spiked cappings for WC partition



  • Two GWR pre-grouping (ie with round profile edge bead) cast iron 'REFRESHMENTS' or 'REFRESHMENT ROOM' doorplates

  • A GWR pre-grouping (ie with round profile edge bead) cast iron 'LADIES ROOM' doorplate


  • A GWR 'GENTLEMEN' wooden sign board and cast iron letters (single or double sided)

  • GWR cast iron letters and left-hand pointer to make up 'WHEELCHAIR ACCESS TO REFRESHMENT ROOM' sign board

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