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6045 Collett corridor composite - Restoration

Page updated on: 27/02/18



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This is the Great Western (Severn Valley Railway) Association's current project.  The Association's excellent website gives regular updates and images of the work on this page. Volunteers also add reports from time to time on social media. 

February 27th 2018

An update on corridors, toilets and seating has been posted on the website at, showing excellent progress as ever

Mick Haynes

January 10th 2018

A new year's update has been posted. 
Each compartment is being stripped out and rebuilt with a the finished fittings. 
We still need some donations to complete 6045 as we have to buy batteries, linoleum, paint and varnish. So please help if you can

December 19th 2017

The December update has been posted to our site. 

November 16th 2017

A further update has been posted describing progress on the corridor, the toilets and the compartment ceilings and doors. See 

November 15th 2017

Internal fittings to the compartment side doors are going in.

Scumbling has been completed in the Third class end of the corridor. Also, the beading to cover the joints in the ceiling panels have been steam bent. They still require painting before final fitting.

Toilet progress has the First class up to undercoat while Third has received topcoat white and scumbling to the lower panels. 

Painted ceiling panels are going up in the first class compartments. This one has also had a trial fitting of the lights. New beading needs to be made to cover all the panel joints. 

G J Price. Photos courtesy Mick Haynes.

October 29th 2017

Another update has been posted, see . The gangways have been installed.

October 20th 2017

6045 recently had a trip to Kidderminster for the bogies to be removed for overhaul. It was placed on accommodation bogies and returned to Bewdley the same day. It is also now sporting a new transparent tarpaulin. The freshly painted ceiling panels have been fixed in the 3rd class toilet and the plywood wall tiles have been undercoated. The south end (3rd class) gangway connection has been hung and a new canvas bellows attached.

G J Price

October 9th 2017

A further update showing the completion of the roof repair. See 

October 1st 2017

The painting of the roof is now complete. All the new large corridor windows have been installed. The panelling on the compartment side is finished. There is still a fair bit of work to do to finish the corridor side doors. Three images added, courtesy Mick Haynes.

G J Price

September 18th 2017

The new glass for all 16 quarterlights have now been installed as well as the internal frames behind them. The glass for the larger corridor windows is on order and should arrive this week, and will be promptly fitted. All of the external components have been fitted to the roof - the shell ventilators, destination board brackets and long handles. The roof has been primed. Undercoat and topcoat white will appear in the next couple of weeks. Two images added

G J Price. 

September 3rd 2017

Yet another update has been posted on the Association's website. See 

August 9th 2017

A further update has been posted today on the website, see The roof repairs are going well and work is beginning on reinstating the corridor and vestibule ceilings.

August 6th 2017

A bumper update. New flaps have been made to go into the stepboards. These flaps go directly above the axleboxes on the bogies to allow ease of access. Wooden kerbs are being fitted to the new water tanks in readiness for them to be fitted into the roof. Varnishing continues on first class compartment doors. The scumbling in the third class end of the corridor has been completed. The patresses for the corridor ceiling lights are being made. The brass end brackets for the first class corridor handrail have been machined. Bolts are being carefully fitted for the 'G' handles on the corridor side. We will be starting on the ones for the compartment side soon. They won't be fitted permanently until after the painting is complete. The wooden gutters are starting to be attached to the body. 

G J Price. Photos added to the gallery, courtesy of Mick Haynes.

July 14th 2017

Another update has been posted on 

The three 3rd class compartment doors have all been varnished with droplights, handles and runners fitted, and are now ready to go back in the coach. They are shown inside toplight 2426 where a new varnishing area has been created. Photo courtesy Mick Haynes.

July 9th 2017

The new roof edge panels now extend the full length of the corridor side and most of the top side panels are also fixed in place. They are pop riveted to the original roof sheets above. Wooden support pieces were then glued in place between the roof hoops. These will support the ceiling panels and architrave mouldings. Much progress has been made on the ceiling light fittings. Bulb holders have been fitted to new wooden pattresses with new covers fitted over them, expertly spun in aluminium. Door overhauls continue. In addition, New treadplates that go in all the doorways are being painted. 

G J Price. Photos added to the gallery, courtesy of Mick Haynes.

June 30th 2017

Another update has been posted on 

June 1st 2017 (updated June 7th 2017)

Work is now pressing ahead on the roof repairs with the rotten bottom edges of the roof sheets cut away for replacement. The picture shows the corridor side.  Also, the scumbling at the third class end of the corridor is coming along well, with the regulator cupboard now completed. Photos courtesy Mick Haynes.

UPDATE - posted on

May 30th 2017

Two May updates have been posted on 6045 has now been moved into the paintshop at Bewdley for repairs to the roof and the fitting of new water tanks and gutters. The old water tanks have already been removed, and one has been modified with two outlets. Volunteers are continuing with internal jobs, one of which is the preparation of the third class corridor walls for graining. Photo added to the gallery, courtesy of Mick Haynes.

April 8th 2017

Another update has been posted on 

March 7th 2017

Another update has been posted on 
Volunteers are fitting the ceilings, some more missing mouldings have been made and the toilet doors are being completed. Work has begun on repairing the top cantrail. 

Mick Haynes

February 24th 2017

Mick Haynes reports the first ceiling panel is now screwed into place and the white D shaped panels at the ends of the compartments are almost ready for attaching. 

February 17th 2017

Mick Haynes reports another update was posted last night on The corridor ceiling frames are now in place and work is now concentrating on the ceiling panels which can be installed without affecting the work needed on the roof panels.

February 5th 2017

More progress on 6045's ceiling panels. The first of the 3rd class ceiling panels is in place while the half moon panels are bring painted.

New ash corridor ceiling supports have been steam bent into the tight arc required. . They will need to be made to fit individually as nothing is uniform after 89 years

G J Price

February 1st 2017

A further update has just been posted to 
The first restored corridor sliding door to the compartments has been re-hung. The final specification for the first class carpets has been accepted and the new corridor ceiling framework is expected later this week. 

Mick Haynes

January 29th 2017

Work has now started on the compartment ceilings. Half moon panels have been fitted in a first class compartment and one of the first ceiling panels clamped in position, also in a first class compartment. Each one is made in three sections with small V cut outs for light fittings. One of the walnut first class sliding corridor doors is ready to be varnished. Photo courtesy Mick Haynes.

January 10th 2017

A very rare treat - an image has been added of 6045 partially uncovered, the first time a large expanse of the new steel panelling has been on show. This is the first class end of the compartment side. 

G J Price

December 31st 2016

Update loaded to the website (see above link)

December 22nd 2016

More progress in 6045's restoration. New walnut and birch ply panels have been trial fitted onto rebuilt section of corridor screen. Walnut is used in first and mahogany in third class. Ceiling framework repairs and renewals continue. Newly cleaned and painted steps and gangway suspension brackets are being reinstated to the south end. In the compartments, another seat back has returned from the upholsterer and there is further progress on the picture frames.

Facebook. Images added.

December 4th 2016

Update loaded to the website (see above link)

November 22nd 2016

6045 has been shunted a few feet away from the workshop coach (813 Preservation Fund’s Collett full brake 98). A temporary platform is built between the two to allow frame repairs to the south end and to fit new steel panels to complete the body panelling.

Corridor side external panelling has new steel panels fitted, with just the doors left to fit. The corridor features a semi-circular ceiling with panels fixed to curved wooden supports. The few originals are being repaired with new end pieces spliced in, as there was rot around the screw holes. The originals and several new supports will then be steam bent to the correct diameter.

The upholsterer has delivered the third completed first class seat back and taken the next one away.

The GW(SVR)A is commissioning new carpets for the first class compartments. The first sample has arrived, minor tweaks will now be made to try and get the GWR entwined initials insignia as accurate as possible. Carpets to this design would have been fitted to all first class compartments in the Toplight and Bow-ended eras.

Great Western (SVR) Association Facebook

November 14th 2016

Update loaded to the website (see above link)

"Will all readers note we are still seeking two volunteers to tackle the bogie overhaul next year. 
The work comprises working on one bogie at a time and dismantling it and cleaning and painting all the parts and reassembly. We will arrange repairs to parts as necessary. 
Please get in touch if you are willing to help. "

November 11th 2016

Images added.

  • 3rd class compartments. Side panels are being made for the 3rd class seats, which will be upholstered. All the 3rd class seats have been modified to fit. The backs are from southern 4-COR electric stock, the bases are from GW Hawksworth stock. The GW(SVR)A have commissioned upholstery for the 3rd class in 6045 and the remaining bow-ended and toplight projects, which all had the same pattern moquette. Mahogany 'sausage' strips which fit behind the luggage rack have been cleaned up.

  • First class compartments. The second of the original seat backs is being restored; new side panels are now going in. New picture frames are being trial fitted, which fit nicely against the base plate for the heater control. Existing picture frames are being restored. 

  • A 3rd class toilet door is ready to be hung and 1st class door is in position.

(GW(SVRA) Facebook)


October 16th 2016

website update including pictures frames, panelling, doors and seats.

October 15th 2016

Trial fitting of 3rd class seats. These are from Southern 4-COR stock and only required minor modification to fit. The upholstery will be replaced with authentic GWR black and red moquette. Also the newly repaired and freshly varnished curved sliding end door for the 3rd class end of the corridor ready to be rehung. Progress continues at a rapid pace (Gareth James Price, via Facebook).

September 29th 2016

website update including structural repairs, doors and seats.

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