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D5410 - Class 27

Page updated on: 05/08/17 at 15:56

S Glendenning 5.8.17
S Glendenning 5.8.17
S Glendenning 5.8.17
S Glendenning 5.8.17
S Glendenning 5.8.17
East Somerset Railway 28.7.16
I Stoate 070117
S Glendenning_2 121116
S Glendenning_3 121116
S Glendenning_1 121116
S Glendenning_2 101116
S Glendenning_1 101116
S Glendenning_1 011116
S Glendenning_3 011116
S Glendenning_2 011116
S Glendenning_3 280916
S Glendenning_1 280916
S Glendenning_2 280916
S Glendenning_2 081016
S Glendenning_3 081016
S Glendenning_1 081016


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This locomotive was built in 1961 by Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Ltd. in Smethwick. On withdrawal Sandwell Council bought the locomotive and based her on the SVR. After a period out of use she moved offsite for bodywork overhaul, firstly in November 2015 to UKRail's facility in Leicester, then to Cranmore Traincare and Maintenance Services on the East Somerset Railway in February 2016.

August 5th 2017

A few internal shots of 27059 added. Plenty more work to get it operational though.

S Glendenning

July 31st 2017

Latest news from Cranmore Traincare and Maintenance Services is that 27059 has been moved outside the shed, and is looking respectable at Cranmore (East Somerset Railway). The locomotive would still require significant work.

December 21st 2016

Steve Glendenning has posted a further image of the repair. D5410/27059 is outside Cranmore Traincare and Maintenance Services workshop, after refitting of the turbo, and repaired roof traps. 

November 1st, 10th and 12th 2016

Steve Glendenning has posted further images of the repair. It is suggested that she will return to UKRL Leicester for electrical and mechanical work. 

October 8th 2016

Steve Glendenning has posted further images of the repair, with removal of the roof sections and the turbo.

September 2016

Steve Glendenning has posted images of the bodywork repair, which is progressing well.


Images used with permission.

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