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Diesel shunters

Page updated on: 11/02/18


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The SVR is home to several shunters (see link to the SVR Wiki).  

February 11th 2018

The engine and generator of 09107 have been under repair at the TMD, and the engine compartment recently cleaned and painted, The image added coutesy of Trevor Tomkins shows the engine and generator back in situ after repairs and the loco on the pit for reconnection of cables.

Jeff Atkins

Meanwhile an image from Jonathan Dunster shows work on D3201

October 25th 2017

09107 was withdrawn for a defective aux generator, this was recently removed from the engine/generator group for assessment. Jeff Atkins has added some photos of what was found.

August 30th 2017

Two photos added from Dave Redbourne. Fantastic progress by the shunter team led by Trevor Davies on recent arrival 09107's overhaul. Work like this would have been unimaginable even two years ago before we had our magnificent Diesel depot

July 20th 2017

Two photos taken by Trevor Tompkins yesterday of work on newly arrived 09 107 have been added to the gallery

July 13th 2017

Two images from Jeff Atkins of  D4100 on exam and repair.

July 3rd 2017

Two images from Ian Palfrey added of getting the control desk back in D3201, making good use of the overhead crane in Kidderminster TMD. One step closer to getting her back in traffic.

July 1st 2017

Two images from Jeff Atkins of newly arrived 09107 in Kidderminster TMD, with examination of the aux generator.

June 15th 2017 (Updated June 18th)

09107 has arrived at Kidderminster TMD from Kingsbury for restoration.

Following assessment (see February 18th) D3802/08635 will not be restored and will be used for spares.  

May 31st 2017

1953-built Ruston and Hornsby 165hp Diesel Shunter 319290 is shunter in Bewdley Down Yard and carried BR livery with the fictitious number D2957. In May 2017 it was repainted and renumbered 319290 and ran brake van rides ay Highley during the Diesel Festival. Photo by Kevin Moseley added to the gallery

D3201 is undergoing power unit repairs at Kidderminster TMD. Image by William Pizer added.

March 10th, February 20th 2017

Images added on work on the Class 11 and 08s.

Jeff Atkins

February 18th 2017

Dual braked D3802/08635 (in blue livery) has been moved from store at Kidderminster carriage shed to the diesel shed for assessment to commence at some point soon. The locomotive is thought to be restorable, although the engine block may be beyond economic repair. The rationale is that the SVR has a new stabling contract with the Belmond Northern Belle for its carriage stock. It now makes sense to look at possibly getting 08635 into use. 

Sister 08896 (in EWS livery) has also been moved outside the carriage shed at Kidderminster. Bought for parts retrieval, the engine block is thought to be in reasonable order and is a possible source of parts for 08635.

Both shunters are owned by the SVR.
Photo by Bob Dunn added to the gallery

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