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Visiting plant

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L King 23.10.17
D Coombs_3 201016
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From time to time the SVR borrows or hires in plant to help with the maintenance of the railway.

October 24th 2017

A visitor is rail grinding machine DR79304,. in a image from Leiigh King at Highley.

October 21st 2016

This involves a full inspection of lineside culverts and cleaning those where necessary with a high powered water jet. Some also need looking at with a camera.


This is one of my most interesting turns on the valley, nothing to exciting you would think washing out culverts but an interesting day was had. Didn't realise how many drains and culverts there are, over a 110 to be covered during the days of operation of the drain train. An injured duck was also rescued from Hampton Woods, one of the lads off the drain truck took him home to his farm for rest and recuperation.

(Matt Robinson, with Class 09 D4100 Dick Hardy, October 18th)

Images are from David Coombs on D8059 on October 20th.

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