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GBRf private charter July 2017

Page updated on: 26/07/17 at 22:46

On July 25th 2017 GBRf's EMD Class 66 No. 66763, which was named 'Severn Valley Railway' in 2016, brought five biomass hopper wagons to the SVR for private charters on July 26th and 27th. Trains are operating in the paths at 9.30 a.m. and 1.15 p.m. from Kidderminster and 11.35 a.m. and 3.20 p.m. from Bridgnorth. 

An image from Matt Robinson shows 33108 taking one of the biomass hoppers for a gauging run on the 26th. Three further images from Hampton Loade Station and Kevin Moseley added here for July 26th show the train, including as part of the consist recently repainted 'Shark' ballast plough DB993876 which was purchased by the SVR in 2017. 

Also, Brent Cleeton's YouTube video shows the train at County Boundary.

The Class 66 and hoppers are due to depart to Network Rail metals on July 28th at 10.24 a.m., running as 6Z53 to Doncaster. 


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