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GWR 143 Tool & Packing Van

Page updated on: 01/10/17 at 21:16


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October 1st 2017

GWR 143 has had a coat of top coat on her river side.

National Preservation forum

August 3th 2017

GWR 143

inside the shed now has one side and ends fully undercoated and mostly top coated.

Graham Phillips

August 6th 2017

The skylights are needing a few leaks patching up, and the roof has received a good scrub. Assuming the canvass is still good order, the roof will get a coat of paint before the top coat goes near the sides. The sides themselves have received a few new planks and a some patches of primer, while the first bits of under coat have started to go on the river side.

National Preservation forum

August 2nd 2017

Inside the goods shed, the Stafford road van is back in, in need of some attention to the three skylights in the hope that we will be able to do away with the tarpaulin that has been over her roof for a few months, hopefully this will not be a long job. Work continues repairing the leaking skylights and patch priming the sides.

National Preservation and Graham Phillips

July 26th 2017 

A new indoor project for the Wagon Department is GW van 143. It is suffering from its outdoor life, peeling paint and a leaking sky light. 

Two images from Kevin Moseley show work underway.

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