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Hampton Loade Station

October 15th 2017

Two 'before and after' views of lineside clearance from the small gang at Hampton Loade station.

October 1st 2017

On October 8th we have our annual meet of Classic British Motorcycles at Hampton Loade, organised by Barry Bull. If you're travelling on the railway do be sure to stop off and look. the Paddock Railway will be operating too. Please note: the gathering takes up most of our car park meaning there will be very little space available this day.

September 30th 2017

Lineside vegetation clearance has continued apace after a fantastic Autumn Steam Gala weekend. We are currently working on the banks around Unicorn Crossing to the north of Hampton Loade Station. This will be a long term job lasting most of the winter for our very small band of vegetation clearance volunteers from the station maintenance team. We will continue posting updates and before/after views.

Hampton Loade Facebook

September 11th 2017

Lineside vegetation clearance continues apace with volunteers. They are working on the section between the up home signals and Unicorn Crossing (just under a quarter of a mile). Two images of the work added.

August 24th 2017

Recent vegetation clearing work has taken place with the midweek gang. The lower branches of the trees will be trimmed back to the boundary fence to improve the view to and from the station.

A volunteer has painted the top corner of our recently repainted yard gate in black. The GWR used to do this where people would handle gates to reduce noticeable wear on the paintwork.

Painting work is also being carried out around the whole of the Paddock railway and picnic area. The dark colour chosen is to represent creosote, which was often used by the GWR for fencing situated away from station platforms.

May 4th 2017

A vacancy exists for an Assistant Stationmaster at Hampton Loade, and applications are invited for this post. The successful applicants will be expected to take an active part in the operation of the station which includes:

- Maintaining a safe, attractive and clean environment for staff and visitors alike.

- Supervising the arrival and departure of trains and attending to the needs of our visitors.

- Participation in the maintenance and improvements of the station and its environment.

- Taking charge of the station on a rostered basis.

- Management of the station and supervision of volunteers in the absence of the Stationmaster.

You will need to be able to communicate clearly, accurately and politely with members of the public, whether or not they are passengers, as well as with all members of SVR staff.

The ideal candidate will have previous station supervision experience and/or operational experience. The ability to manage staff is essential.

Some of the duties performed by the SM/ASM are safety critical and subject to qualification and periodic requalification, in accordance with the SVR Rules and Regulations. The successful candidate will be expected to maintain a high standard of adherence to the Rules and Regulations, and to assist other staff in achieving the same.

He/she will ensure that station works are complete and staff in place for the prompt and efficient departure of trains. Running on time is an important feature expected by our passengers and thus attention to this is required.

Applications to be sent to
Lee Whittaker Station Master

November 9th, 15th 2016

Updated November 15th. Photo of the move added.

Riding Van 55, built by the GWR at Swindon in 1908, will be leaving us on Sunday 13th November. The van is needed to be used as a mess room during the Santa Special operations.

It is intended for 55 to return to Hampton Loade in March of next year, in time to provide overnight accommodation for volunteers during the Spring Steam Gala.

(From Hampton Loade Station's Facebook page).

October 9th 2016: Classic Bike Day

The Hampton Loade station fund shop organises this annual gathering of classic motorcycles.
There are normally up to 20 classic motorcycles in attendance. There is no list of exhibitors - generally owners who are available simply bring their bikes on the day.

All-steam timetable B operates with six steam trains each way. The Paddock Miniature Steam Railway also operates. 

(From Hampton Loade Station's Facebook page October 5th 2016).

September 15th 2016: GWR Churchward Third 2426 moves

Kidderminster Carriage and Wagon used D4100 'Dick Hardy' to remove GWR Churchward 'Toplight' Third 2426 from Hampton Loade station to Kidderminster on September 15th, to begin its long path to assessment, woodworm removal then restoration. This was the vehicle's first move in 28 years. 2426 was built in 1910, making it the oldest bogie coach on the SVR. Further details of this vehicle and how to help are on the Great Western (SVR) Association website.  

At the same time they delivered 4-wheel Riding/Dormitory Van No. 55 for use as temporary overnight volunteer accommodation. Details of this van are on the GWR 813 Fund's website. This provides the spectacle of two fruit vans and a riding van/tool van paired together.

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