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Welcome to SVRLive!

What is SVR Live? SVR Live is the "connection" between the main public website and the operations information that is published behind the scenes for the volunteers. This site will allow you to download traffic notices for the upcoming weeks, annual, and ammended working timetables, express points working member's newsletter, latest railway news, and pages about upcoming works, pictures, directions and detailed information about the history of the stations along the line. This site is for everyone from the volunteers to the enthusiasts, whether its the traffic notice for the day, or looking at the history of one of our stations, there's always something useful or interesting to read on SVR Live.


As some of you may have noticed, SVR Live has got a new look! We hope you enjoy the new site, and (as always) we welcome your comments and suggestions. You can let us know by completing the feedback form.

Our next big event is Peep Behind the Scenes. (July 16th)

Welcome to SVR Live!

  • We've got a new look!

  • Get the latest edition of Express Points.

  • Take a look at some of our new pages.

  • Latest traffic information updated.

  • Get in contact! How are we doing?

Latest News...

The News Page
Get all the latest news and regular updates from around the railway.



30/05/16 | News

Bridgnorth station

Bridgnorth Update
Latest news about the Bridgnorth Development Project



11/01/16 | Bridgnorth

Notice released on the 1st of July regarding the reschedule of this years  SVR Guarantee Company AGM.

06/07/16 |SVR GC 2016

Featured Items...

The Trams are back!
Manchester Trams back at the Engine House this year.

April 2nd - 10th, 16th and 17th.



Feature Item 2
Keep watching this space.

A new item will appear here soon.




Feature Item 3
Keep watching this space.

A new item will appear here soon.




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