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SVR Junior Club


If you think you might assist please contact Volunteer Liaison Office, telephone: (01299) 401776 - with voicemail, E-mail:

November 25th 2017

The Junior Club joined other members on the SVR stand, attending Warley National Model Railway Exhibition 50th show at NEC Birmingham. Image added.

N Willcox

November 18th 2017

The club spent the day at the Engine House, learning how steam locomotives work. Two images added above.

N Willcox and M Turbutt

September 10th 2017

On September 3rd some members of the SVR Junior Club Committee took Roger and Mary Jordan for a retirement lunch on the Venturer. After being core members of the club since its inception 27 years ago they decided with regret it was time to relinquish their responsibilities; Roger having been activity organiser & latterly club coach custodian and Mary doing sterling service as membership secretary. The hours they devoted to running the club are incalculable, hours for which not only are many cohorts of juniors and their parents truly grateful, but also the SVR [and the mainline companies?] as a substantial number of our active volunteers are ex-Juniors. On behalf of them all thank you Roger and Mary, and we hope to still see you on the "Valley".

Nick Willcox

Bewdley Wagon Department - July 2nd 2017

Nothing's been finalised yet, but the Junior Club will probably take on GWR 80990 Cylindrical Tank Wagon as their own project. This means that if they have got nothing specific arranged anywhere else on the railway, they will always have something to do at Bewdley.

(Graham Phillips)

Barry Railway Carriage Trust - June 10th 2017

A very eager group from the SVR Junior Club were with us for their annual visit to the Barry Coach.

A bit of cleaning, rubbing down, chipping off loose paint and rust was followed by the chance to put their painting skills to the test.

The pictures show most of them, but not all (sorry to those not included).

Most of the work centred around the sole bar. The covers were removed, cleaned off and given a coat of red oxide. Another group removed loose paint and rust from the sole bar itself and then gave it a coat of red oxide.

There was a section of the running board, inaccessible for the past few years, which was cleaned and rubbed down before a coat of primer was applied.

The final bit of work carried out was removing some more of the loose paint from the sole bar of GWR Tool Van 66.

As has become tradition one member of the team managed to get paint on their face......ear, neck and hair!

Well done all. You did a great job and were a credit to the Junior Club. Thanks for your help.

(From the Trust's Facebook page)

Junior Club reward party 2017

Our apprentices each year dress in cuddly animal character costumes to entertain the waiting youngsters at Arley on each Saturday and Sunday of Santa running. As a thank you, traditionally the club organises a get together early in January, with food prepared by the senior supervisors. The buffet lunch is rounded off with suitably educational railway films such as ‘The Titfield Thunderbolt‘. This year a rather murky January 7th welcomed the Junior Club ‘Helped with Santas’ party in Bewdley.

Bewdley Signal Box

The apprentices are helping get Bewdley Signal Box ready for painting. (Ethan Wilson, via Facebook).

A track record of success

Over the last 26 years, the Junior Club has been the initial stepping-stone for many of the younger current SVR volunteers, enough in total to run the railway as was demonstrated during Don's Day in August 2015.

Impending retirements

The committee formally thanked Alan Walker who after many years helping to supervise activities has decided to step down.

Alan is not the only senior who will be hanging up their hi-viz jacket and gloves this year. Roger and Mary Jordan have been central to the running of the Junior Club for many years and are stepping back from their regular attendance. Several of the other key members are not getting any younger and are hoping to step back.


Help is urgently required

Without others coming forward to fill their safety boots and Hi-Viz jackets, the club may not be able to continue for much longer. It is therefore seeking folk prepared to take on the mantle of some of these older members, ideally you would have some railway knowledge with organisational ability, willing to work with youngsters on a regular basis and in all weather conditions. You must be (or become) an SVR member and an enhanced DBS will be required.

If you think you might assist please contact Volunteer Liaison Office, telephone: (01299) 401776 - with voicemail, E-mail:

Nick Willcox

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