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Management Advisory Groups

To be updated in early 2020

The introduction of Management Advisory Groups containing representation from the Board and Volunteers is intended to provide support to the management structure by combining the wide experience of our volunteer and paid workforce with the objective of improving the performance and corporate governance of the Railway. To avoid any ambiguity the Groups, have an advisory role and authority remains with the management team (both paid and volunteer) for the implementation of the plans approved by the Holdings Board. The time is now right to implement MAG’s, because:

• We have a number of new members who have joined the Senior Management Team.

• We are working to a formalised annual planning cycle in 2018 and beyond, with the MAG’s being integral to this process.

• Forming an enhancement to Corporate Governance practices, MAGs will assist with advancing the planning, performance and review processes on the Railway as well as widening consultation on key decisions.

The Senior Management Team will be calling their MAG’s together for the first time shortly, and will be approaching invitees to gauge their interest in involvement. In some cases, committees will be replaced with MAG’s. For clarity the MAG’s will be:

• Civils Advisory Group – chaired by Chris Bond

• Diesel Advisory Group – chaired by Jonathan Dunster

• Engineering Advisory Group – chaired by Neil Taylor

• Finance Management Advisory Group – chaired by Simon Hart

• Heritage Support Advisory Group – chaired by Andrew Burton

o Marketing Sub Group – chaired by Clare Gibbard

o Special Events Sub Group – chaired by Lewis Maddox

o Gala Sub Group – chaired by Brian Malyon

o Santa Sub Group – chaired by Di Malyon

• Operation Advisory Group – chaired by Matt Robinson

The following Standing Committees continue in their existing format and report directly to a Board:

• Audit Committee – chaired by Peter Pearson

• Conservation & Heritage Committee – chaired by David Postle

• Heritage Skills Training Academy – chaired by David Tidmarsh

• Safety Committee – chaired by Nick Ralls

• Shareholders Benefits Committee – chaired by Peter Pearson

• Staffing Committee – chaired by Di Malyon

Nick Ralls General Manager

February 22nd 2018

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