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Open House weekend

Page updated on: 12/04/17 at 20:02

30 model railways, behind the scenes tours, the chance to drive a Class 50, gorgeous weather and a whole host of other attractions proved to be a massive hit last weekend! Re-invented in 2016 as the all-new Members & Shareholders Weekend, Open House bought 2,181 paying passengers to the Railway, an increase of 380 on the same event last year. Of course, these numbers don’t take into account the number of free travel passes in use (Annual Family Pass, Shareholder Medallions etc) or amount of pre-booked ‘Freedom of the Line’ tickets, so there will have been lots more enjoying the trains and the spring sunshine. The event takes a considerable amount of time to set up, and I’d like to thank all the staff in the preparation, running and take-down of the event - we were all very pleased to stick our feet up Sunday evening!

Additionally, over £5,000 worth of shares for the Bridgnorth Project were purchased at Bridgnorth and Kidderminster; again, a fantastic achievement.

As ever, plans are already afoot for next year, with hopefully a few more model railways and behind the scenes bits to enjoy! If you have any comments or feedback, they’d be greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone for their ongoing help and support in running our special events.

Lewis Maddox Events Coordinator



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