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Pacific Power event September 2016

Page updated on: 21/11/16 at 17:59

Since the completion of the event in September we have had a debrief with SVR staff and another with external agencies who played a part in the planning of Pacific Power.

Passenger numbers

Wednesday 1,700                        Thursday 2,547

Friday 2,622                                  Saturday 2,751

Sunday 2,779                                Monday 2,868


SVRCT VIP day*                           Pacific Power                              Bars, Catering & Retail

Result £50,000                              Revenue £317,846                      Revenue £165,733

Donations £30,000                       Costs (£117,638)                          2015 Autumn Steam Gala, for comparison, was £101,936

*additional comment below       Result £200,208                          

The internal debrief was hosted by Brian Malyon, Chair of the Gala Committee, on October 11th 2016 with feedback from Operations, Stations, Retail and Catering and Communication.


As reported before this was a large event to put in to the calendar during a busy year, and the support given by everyone is very much appreciated. I would like to thank Brian Malyon for chairing both the Gala committee and for chairing the debrief.


Nick Ralls General Manager

November 18th 2016


*The on-the-day donations received by the Charitable Trust at its VIP Flying Scotsman Charity Day were boosted to £30,000 by both Gift Aid and the current match funding grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. This applies to donations made to the Trust’s endowment Future Fund. The Trust is keen to maximise donations to its Future Fund right now, because the match funding offer from HLF will expire in June 2017. If you would like to help the Trust reach its maximum target of £1 million under this scheme, please download an endowment donation form.


Lesley Carr

SVR Charitable Trust Limited

November 21st 2016 

Thank yous

Below is a thank you from Nick Ralls, the SVR General Manager, at the close of the event September 26th.


To the right is a thank you from The Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust.


Please click on the images for a full screen version.

Below is a thank you from Bewdley Station (from Facebook).

The Bewdley station management team would like to record their sincere thanks to our staff who supported us over the 6 days of the pacific power event. Not only did we recruit our own staff to help, but also staff from other departments at Bewdley and other departments along the railway. We also enlisted help from friends who work at other railways. We could not have pulled it off without your help, and also the co-operation of all the other departments who work at Bewdley site. We hope we did not disrupt you too much on site, but the fact that we did not have to fill in a single accident report form speaks volumes. The site has now been returned to normality for the last week of daily running. Once again, thank you all for your help. much appreciated.

The SVR Charitable Trust's Pacific Power VIP Charity Day update September 2016  

The SVR Charitable Trust have issued a September 2016 website update. Do click on the link for the full report.

DMU P-Way Inspection 

The DMU Group West Midlands have added to their website an article by Ian Parker of their unsung contribution.


To see the images without cropping, please double click on the galleries.

Pacific Power 22-26/09/16

Alan Dennis_1
S Taylor 24.09.16_5
D Langtree 23.09.16_2
S Taylor 23.09.16_1
A L Dennis_4
N Terry_2
Shrewsbury Police 24/09/16
A L Dennis_2
R Herington 23.09.16
N Terry_7
Kidderminster 24/09/16
S Taylor 24.09.16_6
D Langtree 23.09.16_4
N Terry_4
N Terry_1
D Langtree 23.09.16
D Langtree 23.09.16_7
D Langtree 23.09.16_3
D Langtree 23.09.16_5
A L Dennis_3
D Langtree 23.09.16_8
D Langtree 23.09.16_6
S Taylor 24.09.16_1
N Terry_6
L Maddox 23.9.16
S Taylor 24.09.16_3
S Taylor 24.09.16_4
N Terry_5
N Terry_3
S Taylor 24.09.16_2
A L Dennis_5
K Prestwood 23.9.16
Bridgnorth station 24/09/16
SVR Official site 22.9.16_2
S Taylor 23.09.16_2
L Maddox 23.9.16_2
S Taylor 24.09.16_7
T Clarke 23.9.16
SVR Official site 22.9.16
Kain Prestwood 220916
Kain Prestwood 220916_2

Pacific Power VIP Charity Day 21/09/16

Michael Paul Hughes
Richard Herington4
Richard Herington1
Richard Herington2
Richard Herington3
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