Competition Rules

  1. The competition is only open to SVR Working Members and employees.

  2. All submitted pictures should be in jpg format, in either colour or black and white.

  3. Pictures taken using film should be scanned and submitted as a digital jpg image.

  4. The competition will open on Sunday 4th October and close on Sunday 6th December.

  5. There are five categories. A maximum of one picture per category may be submitted by each person.

  6. All pictures should be of the Severn Valley Railway.

  7. The categories are:

    • Locomotives and Rolling Stock 

    • SVR People 

    • Trains in the Landscape

    • What the SVR means to you

    • Stations

  8. All submitted pictures must have been taken in 2018, 2019 or 2020.

  9. For each submitted picture the Severn Valley Railway will have the right to use it for SVR publicity or commercial purposes, including its possible use in an SVR calendar for 2022. The picture will be credited where possible.

  10. The best pictures in each category will be selected, and published on the SVR website. Every working member and employee will be able to vote for their favourite picture from each of the five categories.

  11. Voting will start on Saturday January 2nd 2021, and will close on Saturday January 23rd 2021.

  12. The results will be published on SVR Live and in the February issue of Express Points.

  13. Prizes will be awarded for the two best pictures in each category.

  14. All submitted pictures must have been taken by the contestant.

  15. Minor digital adjustments are allowed so long as they do not deceive the viewer nor misrepresent the original picture.

  16. All pictures should be uploaded by using THIS FORM.

  17. In the event of any issue, the Committee’s decision shall be final.

Working Members' ID Cards 

Could we remind all volunteers that their Working Member's Pass, whenever presented, is only valid when accompanied by an identity card.

Where necessary duplicate cards are available from the Membership Secretary, Kate Kirk at Comberton Place, who can be contacted on 01562 757 930

Barry Moreton (VLO)

Volunteer Staff Handbook

The handbook can be downloaded from here. (2MB,PDF format).

Employers' Liability Certificate 

For the period from February 2018 this is available from the password protected SVROnline only.


November 22nd 2017 - Accomodation

The Accommodation Steering Group, as a sub-committee of Severn Valley Railway Co. Ltd Staffing Committee, issue the following revisions to the use of volunteer accommodation.
1. Anyone staying in the accommodation must be able to prove they have somewhere else as their main home (through the provision of a tax or household bill).
2. Accommodation is primarily for volunteer use, but on occasion it may be utilised by paid staff (who are not volunteers)/contractors/visiting loco. representatives etc., providing confirmation is sought from the relevant accommodation committee at least seven days in advance of the stay.
3. Paid staff (who are not volunteers)/contractors/visiting loco.  representatives etc., can stay in the accommodation, providing:

  • there is a vacancy,

  • the stay is for a maximum of 8 nights per calendar month,

  • the relevant fee paid.

4. A warning will be issued in writing if this limit is exceeded. Following three written warnings all rights to use the accommodation will be forfeit either as paid staff or as a volunteer.
5. For clarity to those staff who are both paid and volunteer: the use of accommodation as a paid member of staff is subject to the rules above.
Consecutive use of the accommodation before or after use as a paid member of staff is allowed, but these additional volunteer stays must be in a recognised
rostered volunteer duty for the preceding or following day(s). In this context recognised rostered duty means a duty for a known department where the duty is recorded and requires signing on.
6. The above supersedes relevant terms and conditions in existing site rules, and is subject to periodic review by Accommodation Steering Group.

Accommodation Steering Group

Volunteer Sleeping Accommodation at Bridgnorth

The system for forward bookings for casual accommodation allows for bookings to be made either by email or by telephone.

  1. Requests for accommodation should be emailed to The request should contain the name of the volunteer(s), the arrival date, the number of nights required and whether or not the key should be left in the Railwayman’s Arms for collection. When the request has been actioned, a confirmation email will be sent back to the volunteer.

  2. For those without an email address, or who would prefer to book by telephone, please call 01746 764361 between 10am and 4.45pm. On weekdays this number will be answered at the Kidderminster office. They will require the same information as shown in (1) above, together with a contact telephone number. They will email this information to Bridgnorth, and in due course you will receive confirmation by telephone or by text. At weekends the call will be received at Bridgnorth, and staff on duty will be able to complete the booking.

  3. For staff at Bridgnorth wishing to book accommodation for a future visit, the reservations book will reside in the booking office lobby, as it is now.

When you vacate the compartment, the key(s) should be returned via the "drop-off" box (adjacent to the shower room door) using the envelope provided, together with any monies due.

Phil Bilboe (Chairman, Bridgnorth Accommodation Committee)

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