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2017 Public Timetable

Page updated on: 26/09/16 at 17:46

The preview edition of the Public Timetable brochure for 2017 is available on the Railway. Following the consultation work undertaken by Bill Griffiths and myself, a redraft of the current (2016) timetables was carried out to satisfy many of the requirements requested. The issues included:

  • A requirement to increase dwell time at stations to help with token exchange and loading and unloading at Highley for example.

  • Less timetables to reduce confusion to the public and operational staff.

  • Earlier departures at Kidderminster and Bridgnorth.

  • A reintroduction of limited passenger accommodation on the Sunday diner.

  • A flexible timetable which can, on occasion, introduce highlights such as

  • demonstration goods trains.

  • Accommodation for charter path requirements.

  • A standard departure time for all dining trains.


This led to a rewrite of a timetable to produce a new base timetable that was flexible enough its format that it could be the basis for all timetable variations, providing consistent departure and dwell times.

Working Timetables will be completed shortly confirming light engine moves and

steam and diesel traction requirements.

Thanks to Chris Thomas and Andy Barr for their help and assistance in drafting the


Steven Chapple Operations Manager





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