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Permanent Way Groups

Page updated on: 08/12/2017 at 20:36

B Cleeton 3.12.17
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P Pearson 14.10.17
R Steward 20.7.17
R Steward 20.7.17
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P Pearson 11.3.17
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P Pearson 21.1.17
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M Fielding 201016
M Fielding 201016
M Fielding 201016

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December 8th 2017

Paul Pearson reports at the South end of the line patrols to Kidderminster and to Santa's Grotto, with others putting a big effort in to refurbishing damaged and worn mileposts.

Brent Cleeton at the North end reports Bridgnorth Pway have been digging out sleeper beds for removal of defective conco's in the New Year. 

Two images added.

October 14th 2017

The usual rostered line walks to Arley and Kidderminster, vegetation clearance and general tidying up at Bridge 12 (along Northwood Lane), Wickham trailer rewheeled and moved nearer to workshop and tidying up around the station car park with strimmers. 

Paul Pearson

September 22nd 2017

There have recently been some changes to the structure of the Bridgnorth P Way gang. For a great number of years, the team has been ably led by John Walker and the SVR is extremely grateful to the contribution that John has made through many decades. John has now stood aside to allow Brent Cleeton to step into the role of supervisor and lead the Bridgnorth gang’s activities in maintaining our track assets. John will now support Brent and the department as a team leader and we wish them both well in their new roles.

Chris Bond Infrastructure Manager

July 21st 2017

Bewdley P-Way have recently laid a new concrete pad at Bewdley, and an image from Rob Steward shows the gang re-painting and re-erecting the ex-Bridgnorth Catering stores building on its new base.

March 14th 2017

Digging out 3 wetbeds in Eardington Cutting, new ballast and lifting a dipped joint on March 12th - Brent Cleeton, image added.

Bewdley P Way March 11th. A work party to the carriage washing siding working on dipped joint remedial work, which the work schedule said was "almost complete but some final touches required..." . Three and a half hours of digging later.... Paul Pearson, image added.

January 25th 2017

A log train ran last Saturday, gathering winter fuel. It also helps to tidy the lineside. Thank you to all involved.

Pictures: Paul Pearson

December 11th 2016

As part of the chair pad replacement programme worn or missing pads are being replaced at the rail joints. This eliminates any gap between the base of the rail/top of chair, thus reducing flexing at the joints, and should result in fewer fishplate failures and a smoother ride. Working from Foley tunnel south, the group are now at Bridge 12 and heading to Arley.

Rob Steward. Image added

November 6th 2016

A couple of images from Paul Pearson added of vegetation clearance.

October 30th 2016

Bewdley Permanent Way Saturday. Line walks as usual, survey for future paint and repair of lineside items. The remainder piled in the van for a repacking job and vegetation clearance along the Network Rail/SVR border fence. Images added. 

(Paul Pearson)

October 22nd 2016

A Bewdley to Kidderminster line walk was followed by replacing two chair bolts on Victoria Bridge (Paul Pearson). Images added. 

October 20th 2016

The work party concentrated on Victoria Bridge. Tightening of chair bolts and also tightening of the board screws dividing the running line to the walk way. Also a look underneath the bridge, something that everyone doesn't always see.

Then to finish the morning off, vegetation clearance round the Pipe bridge and Culvert at Trimpley.

Gallery photos courtesy of Matt Fielding.

(Facebook Group)

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