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Ron Treverton-Jones - Charitable Trust

Page updated on: 19/12/16 at 15:46

We are delighted to announce that Ron Treverton-Jones is joining our Board of Trustees. As the existing Chairman of the Investment Committee, Ron is already very familiar with our work, overseeing the management of our Future Fund. This endowment fund will play an increasingly important part in strengthening the financial stability of the Railway.


Ron is the Chairman of stockbrokers EFG Harris Allday, joining the company in 1972 after a degree in civil engineering and spending two years in banking. EFG are members of the Charitable Trust’s Corporate Partnership Club and were the sponsors of our 2014 Ludlow Race Day.


It was this involvement with the SVR that rekindled Ron’s interest in railways; he’d previously only dallied with train spotting in the 1950s, when steam locomotives were still a common, workaday sight. Now he’s looking forward to even closer ties with the Railway:


“With my background in investment, I am of course particularly interested in improving the financial wellbeing of the SVR. I am impressed with the way in which the Heritage Skills Training Academy is training a new generation of apprentices so that essential, traditional skills will be kept alive at the Railway.”


Ron joins our Board as we enter a new chapter in our story. Having spent the past four years building up our supporter base, we’re in a position to be able to make significant financial contributions to the Railway, both now and in the future. Ron’s expertise will prove invaluable going forward. He’ll help in identifying trusts and grant-making bodies for the team to approach, as we look to achieve substantial increases in the amount of financial support we gain from these sources. 


Shelagh Paterson Director of Development

Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust



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