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The Railway wants your old £1 coins!

Page updated on: 16/10/17 at 19:06

October 16th 2017 

Did you know that the old, round £1 coins ceased to be legal tender last Sunday (15th
October) and that you can no longer use them to pay for goods or services?
However, if you have a few still left in your pockets, wallet or down the back of the sofa,
why not donate them to the Railway, using one of the SVR Charitable Trust’s collection pots?
The Trust is still able to pay the old £1 coins into the bank, and every penny (and pound!) counts when it comes to safeguarding the future of the Railway!

You’ll find pots located around the Railway, in cafes, bars and shops. Or you could use one of the cash donation envelopes on the trains or at Kidderminster and Bridgnorth booking
All money that you donate through pots and cash envelopes during the month of October will go straight to the Bridgnorth Development fund.
So, please have a hunt in those lost corners, and see if you can add a few coins to support the ground-breaking Bridgnorth Development project.
Shelagh Paterson Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust



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