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GWR Toad Goods Brake Van No. 68501

Page updated on: 18/11/17

November 18th 2017

The last Saturday before the GWR 813 brake van charter and 68501 is almost ready and presentable. The windows were removed to make it easier to fit the glass, then refitted. All the running boards are now fitted. The signwriting is almost complete.

SVR Wagons

November 4th 2017

Most of the exterior painting is done. Running boards are all cut to size and all undercoated or top coated. Windows are fitted (still no glass yet) and top and bottom drip strips fitted, and all catches and hinges working and secure. 

October 14th 2017

68501 has some rotten timber, the plan is to only replace the worst planks. The paint looks rough, but underneath, most of the woodwork is solid. Originally, the plan was to only replace three outer planks, however, it was found the rot had spread to the inner planks, so they are being replaced as well. The step boards only need minor repair. Several images added.

G Phillips

October 11th 2017
Kevin Moseley's two pictures added are of 813 Fund owned 68501, which the Wagon Dept have just taken in for a repaint, it currently looks not dissimilar to 17410 18 months ago!

Richard Gunning

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