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Seacows at the SVR - and a Shark

Page updated on: 16/02/18


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February 16th 2018

An image from Leigh King shows the Seacows dropping ballast, hauled by hired-in locomotive 37688.

August 9th 2017

Newly repainted Shark brakevan DB993876 was included in the consist of the recent GBRf charter on the SVR.

Meanwhile, visiting diesel-electric 33108 tripped the Seacows from Eardington to the south end of the line on August 9th, reportedly for 'air tanks'.

March 30th 2017

Shark brakevan DB993876 arrived at Kidderminster by road from East Usk yard. Further information to follow when avauilable.

Richard Herington's image has been added to the gallery.

March 15th 2017

The Seacows moved from Bewdley to Highley, and then onward to Eardington Siding for stabling, behind D8059. To clarify the braking arrangements, the Seacows are a mix of YGA and YGBs, so some have vacuum piping, but no bags. 7714 was attached to the consist, she was being tripped to Bridgnorth MPD after the Seacows had been disposed at Eardington.

Brent Cleeton

March 10th 2017

On Friday 10th March, the SVR took delivery of six “Seacow” bogie ballast wagons from DB Cargo via our Network Rail connection. These will transform the efficiency and capacity of the PW’s ballasting operations. They are air-braked so will fit in well with the other 15 similarly fitted RUDD wagons. These have been purchased and financed by one of our major supporters and the SVR is grateful for having a significant upgrade to our working fleet of PW vehicles.

The Colas Rail tamper shown adjacent the wagons has now left the SVR after two weeks of tamping various areas of the railway which should have a noticeable effect on ride quality. Colas Rail have generously carried out this work at no cost whilst their staff have gained valuable experience on the machine away from the constraints of Network Rail possessions.

Chris Bond Infrastructure Manager

(The Seacows were tripped by 66068 to the SVR early on March 10th, then taken by D8059 and stored on the Stourport triangle sidings.

Photo by Leigh King replaces the previous temporary one of the NRM vehicle. Vehicle identities have bene added to the relevant SVR Wiki page.)

March 3rd 2017

I am very pleased to announce the purchase of six Seacow wagons for the SVR. Five of these ballast hoppers will be used by our Permanent Way teams with one as a spare. The greater ballast capacity of the Seacow over the Herring and Dogfish hoppers will be very advantageous in assisting our annual track relay and ballasting operations. We are very grateful for the support from one of our long-time supporters who has both secured and financed the purchase of the wagons from DB Schenker.

Nick Ralls General Manager


  • Above is a temporary photo of the NRM's Seacow bogie ballast hopper, number DB 982896, shown for illustration purposes only. Images of the purchased vehicles will be added later. This image is courtesy of Shildon & District Town Crier, licensed for reuse.

  • Unfortunately the move from Bescot on 3rd March 2017 was cancelled. It will be rescheduled. (from Phil Swallow)

  • A description and technical specification of the wagons is set out in this page from LTSV wagons (external link). It describes them 40 tonne bogie ballast hoppers coded YGB, built in 1971 and 1981-2, air braked only but with the addition of a vacuum through pipe.

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