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Ex-PTR/GWR 0-6-0ST No. 813

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November 25th 2017

On this day 50 years ago, the fledgling Severn Valley Railway received its fifth resident, the unique ex-Port Talbot Saddle Tank GWR 813 at Bridgnorth Station. Since joining the railway in 1967 and following extensive overhaul between 1996 and 2000, 813 has visited many railway centres and has become a favourite to many people.

Currently 813 is in her second ticket following an extensive overhaul between 2009 and 2016. Since returning, she has made appearances at the SVR End of Season Gala in 2016, 2017 Spring and Autumn Galas and wedding and private charters. She has also travelled to the East Lancashire Railway (a first time visit) and once again to Didcot, which included meeting LNER 4472 Flying Scotsman in August of this year.

Alongside 813, one of the largest collections of GWR carriages and wagons in the United Kingdom was also created. So far the number stands at 100+ vehicles and these vehicles reside at not only the Severn Valley, but also Didcot, South Devon, West Somerset, and the Dean Forest Railway. Vehicles include the oldest GWR built wagons, Twin “Mites” Single Bolster wagons 32337/8 built in 1881 (currently in residence at Didcot Railway Centre), the last surviving GWR 'Conflat' Container wagon 39860 at the SVR and one a many others.

Thanks to the GWR 813 Preservation Fund, not only has 813 been preserved for future generations but also been able to steam once again. This is thanks to the stand at Kidderminster Station run by Pat Goss and the many volunteers who have put in countless hours to keep her running. A special thanks must also go to her former caretaker, the late Paul Johnson, who we lost a year ago today and is missed by many people on the Severn Valley.

Here's to another 50 years and many more memories.

Thanks 813.

G Price

(Image by Alan Campbell added of 813 on the Fund's Brake Van charter

July 10th 2017

The GWR 813 Fund's website has been updated with some photographs of her 2017 travels

November 28th 2016

GWR 813 Preservation Fund has added two new web pages:

The end of season gala
The Photo charter
Many thanks to to all the photographers, crews and those who support the Fund.

Nick Baxter

November 4th - 6th 2016

She is due to feature in the 'Season Finale Gala' from November 4th - 6th 2016. 

Download the event timetable showing the trains she will work

October 26th 2016 - Very many thanks to the Massey twins who undertook the painting of 813 in quite difficult circumstances in Kidderminster carriage shed and to Andy Williams who volunteered to letter the tanks and buffer beams at Bridgnorth despite not being in the very best of health. Excellent results all round! The loco is on course to make its public debut at the forthcoming SVR End of Season Gala in early November when it will vie with Tornado for the 'best engine' prize (Pat Goss, GWR 813 Preservation Fund).

October 23rd 2016 - The Fund are hoping the locomotive will be varnished this week. There has been a slight delay.

October 14th, 17th 2016 - The gallery on this page includes images of Andy Williams' signwriting. The 813 Fund have updated the images gallery on their website.

October 8th - She returned to Bridgnorth for signwriting, lining and varnishing (Paul Spedding and Sue Thomas). 

October 5th/6th - Views of a shiny 813 at Kidderminster have been added to the gallery (Rob Westwood and Tom Clarke). 

September 29th - the repainting has taken place over the last couple of weeks and is almost finished. Images from Bob Massey are shown in this gallery and are on their restoration update page.  


September 14th - Painting now underway, as the gallery image shows.


September 7th 2016 - 813 travelled light engine to Kidderminster, preparatory to repainting by the GW(SVR) Association.


Click on the gallery for uncropped, full-screen images.

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