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Bewdley Winter Projects

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Bewdley Platform 2 & 3 Canopy


This winter sees a major phase of the restoration of Bewdley’s unique island platform canopy taking place. The canopy was built in two distinct phases consisting of the original timber construction built circa 1878 in connection with the Kidderminster loop line opening. A later addition of steel construction was built circa 1905. The canopy has deteriorated badly in recent years and is now receiving the attention it deserves.


The lack of trains has allowed the deployment of scaffolding around the canopy to give access to the roof and sides. The work consists of removal of the original corrugated iron sheets (though to be the originals), rotten wooden valancing and life expired guttering. With the canopy stripped bare, shot blasting and some metalwork repairs will take place to sort out the corrosion that has affected the later steel extension which ironically is in poorer condition than earlier timber original.


Thanks to the proceeds of a SVRA raffle in 2015 the costs of new powder coated replacement sheets has been covered costing some £15500. Other work includes new timber valancing and correct cast iron guttering. Two bespoke rain collection hoppers are to be made in stainless steel to match the badly corroded originals.The pictures here show initial progress in stripping the canopy.


Other work at Bewdley over the shutdown includes the lining of both water tanks located there by the same company who successfully did the Bridgnorth one last year. The process includes shot blasting and the application of a special flexible lining material that is guaranteed for 25 years. This will greatly extend the life of these tanks which provide an emergency supply at the southern end of the line.



Chris Bond (Infrastructure Manager)




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