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Eardington Bank Track Relaying Project

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Eardington Bank track relaying project


This winter’s big project is to relay half a mile of track at the top of Eardington Bank. The work is required due to the poor state of the track bed and increasing difficulty in maintaining the track to the required standard.


The work will consist of the removal of the existing bullhead rail which will be recycled to replace light rail that came from Aston gasworks many years ago at the southern foot of the bank. Old sleepers will be removed and then the track bed dug out to remove the life expired limestone ballast. Once all this material has been removed and the track bed graded, a geotextile material will be laid and new granite ballast placed on top. The track will be relayed using second hand sleepers and a mixture of new and serviceable 113lb flat bottom rail.


The intention is to create a half mile section of continuously welded track which once in service will massively reduce the maintenance required by our limited PW resources.


The pictures here taken on 5th January show the initial dismantling of the track being carried out by volunteers and full time staff.



Chris Bond (Infrastructure Manager)




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