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Bewdley Station

The Railway Station, Bewdley, Worcestershire, DY12 1DU


Here at Bewdley there are many activities involving volunteer staff.  Watch the platform staff despatch efficiently and help visitors, while the maintenance department is responsible for the high standard of presentation of the station.  Other departments active at Bewdley include the Booking office staff, signalling, wagon and carriage restoration, DMU Group, locomotive depot and permanent way department.


Perhaps it the opportunity to do something completely different, or do something you enjoy in the company of others with similar interests.  It is more than being a member of staff when if you become a volunteer; you become part of the Severn Valley family.  There are people from all walks of life involved with the Railway.  In fact, it may surprise you that the greater proportion of Bewdley station staff are NOT retired or unemployed and some are not even railway enthusiasts!  Joining the Railway is not something to be put off for the future, you CAN do it now!  Become an Severn Valley Railway member, have a chat with any of our staff or contact the Volunteer Liaison who have an office on the station open most Tuesdays and Thursdays.


More info from the Volunteer Liaison Office.

Platform Staff

The customer face of the station, responsible for despatching trains safely and on time, supplying passengers with information and providing general assistance.  The role is all about presentation, cleanliness, organisation and assistance, so smart dress at all times is required.


The maintenance team is headed by the Foreman who is responsible for keeping the station in good order and leading certain station enhancement projects.  Jobs range from painting and repairing benches and other platform furniture to major projects such as the replacement of a dilapidated wooden fence with traditional Great Western Railway cast iron spearhead at the front of the station.  Some examples of our work are illustrated on the maintenance page.

Booking Office

Usually a first point of contact with our visitors, with sale of tickets, leaflets about the Railway and other local attractions.  The booking hall is of traditional design typical of many country stations.

Motive Power (MPD)

The Severn Valley operates a wide variety of locomotives.  Steam engines are the main attraction, but also ex-main line diesel locomotives and a Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) operate regularly.  The locomotive depot at Bewdley prepares locomotives for service on most operating days, supplementing the main facilities at Bridgnorth which carries out heavy maintenance work.  It is much more convenient for locomotives hauling services from Kidderminster to be based at a depot at the Southern end of the Severn Valley Railway.

Carriage Department

Open to visitors on selected special events only, there are a number of activities that take place at Bewdley.  There is a paint shop, wagon repair facility, machine shops and various coaches under going restoration in the yard.

Wagon Department

Often overlooked, the wagons are a credit to the department and often feature on Gala events.  Some wagons are used by other departments on a daily basis, such as for permanent way work or as stores vehicles.  The department is also responsible for the goods brake vans which include GWR, LMS, SR and BR examples.

DMU Group (West Midlands)

Owning and operating five vehicles of class 108 diesel multiple unit, the DMU Group is based at Bewdley.  For more information, visit their website.

Signal Engineering

Responsible for the maintenance and project development of all signalling on the SVR.

Telecoms & Information Technology

Telephones, communication technology and IT.

Permanent Way (P-Way)

Track inspections are carried out to make sure that everything is in order for services to operate safely.  Many tasks are manual and involve lifting and carrying heavy tools to remote locations.  A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding pastime.

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