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Eardington Bank Track Relaying Project

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Eardington Bank track relaying project


The relaying works are proceeding very well so far. North of the crossing a considerable length of the area has been dug out and the trackbed graded with the opportunity to ease the access to the adjacent cottage taken whilst the plant is on site. South of the crossing where the track bed has already been prepared, track removal and relaying has taken place rapidly with about ten panels laid already.


The southern set of breather (or expansion) switches are installed ready for when the half mile becomes fully welded. A set at the northern end of the relay will also be fitted in due course.


It is interesting to see such a long length of track bed devoid of rails and gives a flavour of what might have been if 50 years ago the nascent preservationists had failed in their attempts to save the SVR. Thankfully they did succeed and the fact that we are able to relay a half mile of track is a testament to the commitment of the company to invest in the railways infrastructure.


Chris Bond (Infrastructure Manager)




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