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Locomotive Services

Over its nearly 50 years of operation, the Severn Valley Railway has built an unrivalled set of skills and knowledge in maintaining the traditional railway. Many areas of expertise and component supply are available to other loco owners and railways, these include:

Vacuum Brake Cylinder Testing, Calibration & Repair

The loco department can undertake the repair and overhaul of the GWR sliding band type.

Vacuum Brakes

Brake Blocks

We have a large selection of blocks to suit ex BR locos in stock. Please contact SVR Loco Engineering Department for availability and price.

Brake Blocks

Firebox Brick Arch Sections

Firebox brick arch sections are made on site and are equivalent to BR sizes A to F. We can also supply the wedges for these if required.

Fire-Hole Door Smoke Plates

We can supply inconel smoke plates for Great Western locos, types 1, 2 and 3. We can also supply fire-hole protector rings, for Great Western and LMS/BR Standard types. Please enquire with your details, prices for above items on application.

Fire Hole Baffles

Firebars, grate supports and rocking grate parts

We can supply a variety of firebars and rocking grate components. We hold a large selection ex stock. Please enquire with your sizes or requirements.


Piston and Valve Rings

We can supply a variety of ring sizes for both pistons and valves.

Piston & Valve Rings

Pattern Making

The SVR's large inventory of patterns currently amounts to patterns for more than 700 items and is continually growing. Should you have a requirement for a particular casting please contact us via

Pattern Making

Water testing and analysis and water testing kits

Water treatment chemicals supplied include:

  • Tannin Powder in 25kg boxes

  • Soda Ash powder in 25kg boxes

All C.O.S.H.H. information supplied.

Advice on dosing and testing supplied.

  • Full boiler water test kit as illustrated

Water Treatment
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