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Rolling stock update September 2019

Mick Haynes has supplied the below updates.

The Great Western (SVR) Association have added September updates with pictures of progress on their restorations of GWR Collett Bow End Third 4786 and GWR Collett Composite 6045.

In Kidderminster Carriage Works:

  • BR Tourist Standard Open 4399 is in traffic temporarily in the maroon set until the repaint of sister 4690 is complete.

  • BR Composite Corridor 16169 is in the paint shop receiving further repairs before proper painting can begin.

  • In the mechanical side GWR Bow End Composite 6045's bogies have progressed well. One is complete apart from fitting the fulcrum levers and the other is waiting for the riveting of the brake hangers after bushing.

Meanwhile the major job of overhauling the bogies on Class 108 DMU Driving Motor Composite M52064 is proceeding. The amount of wear is significant so it will be a long job.

GWR Autotrailer Third 178 returned from its travels having received new buffers on three of the four buffers and a temporary vacuum cylinder which needs replacing.

In the carriage shed 4690 and 6045 (see image below) are being painted.

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