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Bewdley Winter Projects

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Bewdley Platform 2 & 3 Canopy


Work on the canopy has been hampered by the recent high winds and late delivery of some components. However, the roof covering is substantially complete and has transformed the feel of the canopy especially the underside which looks very smart. The first lengths of the new valancing (made in cedar wood and pre-painted) have been attached and looks very neat.


A great deal of research has taken place to attempt to restore the canopy to its 1920 – 30’s appearance. Most of this involves details found in the rainwater goods. Using archive pictures, the cast iron guttering will be configured as was found about that time. This has included the manufacture of new rainwater hoppers based on the very tired originals (see picture of old and new) and the painting by station volunteers of a large quantity of cast iron guttering/downpipes.


There is further painting work required on the canopy framework and this will hopefully take place in 2016 depending on costs.



Chris Bond (Infrastructure Manager)




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