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Eardington Relay Update

Page updated on: 13/02/16 at 08:52



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Making the Connection


Both ends of the line are now connected again. As soon as this was completed, a shuttle of ballast trains have been run from Eardington siding up to the worksite. Top dressing and ploughing of the ballast has created neat shoulders and a semblance of order to the track once more. As of Thursday 11th February, tamping is taking place over two days that will level and straighten all the undulations in the replacement track.


Due to the need to use temporary fishplates prior to welding (which is due to take place after half term running) the 15 mph restriction will remain in force. Once welding is completed the only remaining task will be “stressing” the length. This is a process that requires the ambient temperature of the rail to be around 25 degrees C. The pandrol clips are released and the rail is allowed relax to its natural length at that temperature using temporary rollers inserted under the rail. Once it is deemed to be settled, the rail is placed back on rubber pads and clipped back up. This allows the rail to expand and contract within the normal range of temperatures found in a typical UK year without any problems.


Chris Bond (Infrastructure Manager)




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