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March 2022

Sir Nigel Gresley, numbered 4498 and in black livery. Locomotive Services Group.jpg
A4 Sir Nigel Gresley, numbered 4498 and in LNER wartime black livery, will be one of the visiting locomotives for the Spring Steam Gala in April. Locomotive Services Group

Welcome to your latest edition of Express Points!

“When I am an old woman I shall wear purple” wrote Jenny Joseph, who was described as one of Britain’s best-loved poets. There’s no denying that 34027 Taw Valley is something of an ‘old lady’ now, and how fitting that this SVR-based locomotive will carry a unique purple livery to mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year. The transformation has begun, as you'll discover in your March edition of Express Points.

The news from Ukraine shocks us all as each day unfolds, and the SVR has contributed items from stock to a Kidderminster appeal for aid. A small gesture, and we know that many readers will also be making their own contributions.

We have news on the SVR Strategy, plus the gargantuan effort that’s being made to get the Bridgnorth loco shed ready for its much-needed improvements and updates from behind the scenes at MPD and C&W. Things have been busy, even though we’ve not been running services.

Looking ahead, there are some exciting announcements about guest locomotives for both spring Galas, the SVR Charitable Trust is celebrating its 10th birthday, and there’s activity all around the Railway, as we gear up for the start of the season with Open House Weekend on 2nd and 3rd April.


Lesley and Patrick, co-editors

The Express Points team is Lesley Carr, Patrick Hearn, Amy Baker and Nicola Fox

Next edition Thursday 14th April


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What's new?

Taw Valley's makeover begins


The SVR’s ‘purple locomotive’ has continued to grab attention since last month’s announcement that it would be painted purple and renamed in honour of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The temporary, new name ‘Elizabeth II’ has been chosen by public vote, and work is already underway on the transformation of 34027 Taw Valley into its new guise.

Most of the painting will be undertaken by carriage painter Ronan O’Brien, who has been seconded from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth.


He’s taking the lead on painting both Taw Valley and 4930 Hagley Hall.

As he watched the transformation progress in the paint shop, head of engineering Martin White said, “I know that the new look is going to be Marmite, and people will either love it or loathe it. What’s in no doubt is that it is going to make a lasting impression. Personally, I reckon it is going to be awesome!”

The new, temporary name has been submitted to the Cabinet Office for official approval, and a further announcement will be made in due course on when the new livery will be revealed to the public.

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Rebrand for Taw Valley

Severn Valley Railway supports Ukraine appeal

The harrowing images of the war in Ukraine appear daily on the news, and touch the hearts of us all. In response, the Severn Valley Railway is donating a large selection of stock to support The Harriers Arms appeal.


The idea came from retail manager Lesley Bayliss, who felt moved by the scenes in Eastern Europe and realised that the SVR had a variety of items that fitted the requirements of the local charity drive.


Clothing, toys, activity books, torches and kitchenware have all been donated directly from the SVR’s warehouse, and fit the aid requirements set out by The Harriers Arms appeal.


Michael Dunn, head of visitor experience said: “The scenes we are seeing from Ukraine are heart-wrenching, and everyone at the railway has been moved to support in any way they can. 

Karen Bromell, Lesley Bayliss, Lucy Kelly and Kellie Downey with some of the stock that's

“Lesley came to me with the idea very early and I was quick to say yes. This isn’t a huge thing, but we’re glad to play our part in supporting the appeal. The Kidderminster community has come together to support people in need.”

Karen Bromell, Lesley Bayliss, Lucy Kelly and Kellie Downey with some of the stock that's being donated. Dan Shorthouse

Severn Valley Railway supports Ukraine appeal

A triple treat for the Spring Steam Gala

The Severn Valley Railway has announced three guaranteed crowd-pullers for its Spring Steam Gala on 21st – 24th April.

Bound to cause a stir, and most recently announced, is 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley, appearing in an unusual (and very temporary) black livery and carrying its original number of 4498.


The Gala appearance was negotiated with Locomotive Services Group and owning group the Sir Nigel Gresley Trust, as part of the contract for the engine’s running in tests, due to take place on SVR metals later this month.


The Gala will be the only opportunity to see the loco in black, as it will be repainted into BR Express blue before it returns to its main line operations.

Then, in a little and large duo, GWR 2999 ‘Lady of Legend’ returns to the SVR to appear alongside LB&SCR A1X Terrier class 2678.

The visiting locomotives will join home fleet members 1501 and 7714, Ivatt Class 43106 and BR standard class 4, 75069. WD 71516 Welsh Guardsman also joins the line-up.

Services will run traditionally, with passengers free to hop on and off at all SVR stations, and the SVR is also partnering with Trackside Magazine to offer complimentary souvenir programmes to every passenger.

Tickets are available for the Spring Steam Gala now at or by calling 01562 757 900.

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A triple treat for the Spring Steam Gala

Guest locomotives sure to ‘Peak’ interest for the Spring Diesel Festival

A third guest has been added to the Severn Valley Railway Spring Diesel Festival, as Deltic D9009 joins a bumper event line up.


Visiting the SVR between 19th – 22nd May, the locomotive joins Class 44 D4 ‘Great Gable’ and Class 46 D182, and appears courtesy of the Deltic Preservation Society. 

Currently running in BR Blue livery and carrying the name ‘Alycidon’, the Class 55 locomotive is one of six Deltics in preservation.


Alongside the trio of guests, the SVR will be using a selection of its home fleet across the weekend including Class 50s, Class 52s, Class 33, Class 14 ‘Teddy Bear’ and Class 17 Clayton.


Class 31 31466, which visited during the Autumn Diesel Gala in 2021, has since remained at the SVR and will join the Spring Diesel Festival traction. 


The Railway hopes to announce a further guest in the coming weeks, to complete the line-up for the SVR’s first diesel event of the year.


Tickets for the event are available at or by calling 01562 757 900.

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Diesel Festival guests

Moving forward with the SVR Strategy

Strategy workshop in progress. Helen Smith.jpeg
066_Strategy brochure_Mockup_Cover.jpg

Hundreds of volunteers and paid staff have taken part in a series of workshops designed to introduce an ambitious five-year strategy for the Railway, and to gather ideas and comments to shape how it will be implemented.

The workshops represent the largest and most comprehensive consultation that has taken place in the SVR’s history, and they’ve yielded a wealth of views and data.

“It has been a fascinating and informative process, meeting so many of the SVR’s people over the past couple of months,” said managing director Helen Smith. “I am hugely grateful to everyone who has attended.


"We calculated that each workshop had brought together up to 500 years of collective experience, and the sheer variety of ideas we received has been heartening.

“The work now begins to bring everything together and process it into a meaningful way forward. I will be reporting back in due course on the results and the next steps that we’ll be taking.”

One further strategy workshop will take place on Saturday 26th March, which will be open to all. A few spaces remain. Please contact

The central themes of the SVR Strategy are Safety, People and Heritage. Copies of the Strategy brochure will be distributed to all working members via heads of department in due course.

Strategy workshop in progress. Helen Smith

Moving forward with the SVR Strategy

Across the Railway

Bayer testing completed

We have been reporting since June 2021 on the Railway providing testing facilities for Bayer CropScience Uk, who in partnership with GB Railfreight, Network Rail and a number of hi-tech start-ups are producing a fleet of Smart Weed System Trains for the UK Network. A video of an earlier period of testing is available on our YouTube channel.

The testing programme on the SVR has now concluded, with a successful operation. This and other testing have brought significant and welcome revenue to the Railway.

On 3rd March 66797 and 66751 forming up and preparing for departure. One weedkilling unit was taken to Kings Norton, the others to Bescot. Matt Robinson

66751 with the Bayer Smartweed train leaving the SVR on 3rd March 2022 following testing.
66797 with the Bayer Smartweed train leaving the SVR on 3rd March 2022 following testing.
Bayer testing completed

Team work wins, despite the downpour

It could have been a case of ‘rain stopped play’ at Bridgnorth loco shed recently, but the sterling efforts of volunteers hit the bad weather for six in their determination to get the job done.


The team had assembled in mid-Febraury to carry out the next major phase of preparation works for the Roof and Crane project. 


Around 15 volunteers from MPD and Bridgnorth station maintenance team had come together to take delivery, place and compact around 30 tons of concrete, and the urgent nature of the job meant it all had to take place over just two hours. 


Most of the 13 cubic metres of concrete was poured to create a flat area to bring the jack area level with the rest of the shed floor. The infill floor is essential to make a safer working environment for staff, and to enable easier access to a temporary storage area for some large machine tools during the works.


In addition, a new external slab was poured to create a storage compound for cast iron components, as well as new steps to the pit on MPD road 2.  


The heavy rain on the day proved exactly why the roof works here are so badly needed, as volunteer project manager Antony Bartlam explained: 


“With less than two months to go before the contractors start on site, the project had reached a critical stage; this was a truly mammoth effort by everyone concerned. The weather was appalling and - even inside the shed - water dripped through the roof, causing damage to the concrete surface. However, the works couldn’t be stopped and had to be completed before the concrete went off.” 


Work to move equipment out of the shed started on last Saturday, 5th March, and this is going into additional shipping containers that have been delivered to provide interim storage.  


Volunteer Ben Wright’s film shows the large area of concrete being levelled off, and there’s also a film from the SVR’s YouTube channel detailing some of the other preparation work that’s taken place at the shed. 


The roof and project is being made possible thanks to £475,000 in donation and grants to the SVR Charitable Trust.

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Team work wins, despite the downpour

Farewell to Kidderminster’s ‘wooden bridge’

After years of anticipation and months of planning and preparation, in the early hours of February 13th, the SVR bid farewell to Kidderminster footbridge. Although not the original structure, the bridge has been in place since before preservation and was long overdue for replacement.

Prior to the lift, the S&T department removed the ground signal on the Up and Down Main, to clear space for the crane, and undertook work to protect the remaining equipment during the demolition. The Chester Road side stairs were also removed using a 13-ton excavator.

At 01.11 on a rainy February 13th, with the crane in position and possession granted on NR lines, Story Contracting Ltd were able to begin work on the lift. The Network Rail span initially refused to budge, and the team were planning on cutting it free with oxy propane, when it was noticed two temporary bolts connecting the two spans had been left in place.


With these removed the NR span was lifted without issue and the SVR span followed shortly after, having first been scrupulously checked for forgotten bolts!

Shortly after, the central brick pier was demolished in a matter of minutes. The east abutment pier, which had been damaged whilst trying to lift the NR span, was made safe while the rubble was cleared away and the NR lines were handed back at 07.50.

In the following week, the remaining rubble was cleared away, the western pier demolished and works commenced on excavations for the new west abutment pier. A large hole was dug for the foundations, although the suggestion of creating the first Kidderminster TMD swimming pool sadly came to nothing, as the hole was filled with concrete the following week!

Work continues to prepare for the new abutments, including the removal of a large quantity of embankment spoil, with the new bridge expected to be lifted in overnight during May.

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Farewell to Kidderminster’s ‘wooden bridge’

What's coming up?

New ticketing and event offers for 2022

Inspiring the next generation of visitors at The Engine House. SVR archive.jpg
Soap-making workshop.png

The Severn Valley Railway has re-introduced its popular family ticket for 2022, to appeal to a wide audience and boost audience numbers back towards pre-pandemic levels.  


Starting at £45 for a small family and £65 for a large family, the tickets are aimed at inspiring the next generation to discover heritage rail. Great value family tickets are also available across all events. 


Alongside these tickets, the Railway has partnered with a host of external businesses to offer passengers the choice of an extra experience alongside their train journey. 


These include:  


  • Visit to Arley Arboretum - A variety of dates throughout the season. 

  • A trip to Kidderminster Carpet Museum - Multiple dates throughout the season 

  • A soap-making workshop with Severn Soaps - 6th July. Learn the traditional art of soap making and get hands on with a variety of fragrances! 

  • Bewdley Walking Tour - 28th May. Find out the hidden history of this Worcestershire gem with a guided tour around the town! 

  • The Gin Train with the Little Gin and Rum Company - Seven dates available. A gin tasting on a train – what could be more perfect?  

  • The Rum Train with the Little Gin and Rum Company - NEW for 2022. 9th July. A tasting session with the trendiest tipple this year!  


Of course, alongside these, a host of SVR events will be hosted on running days throughout the year including two model railway weekends, the Vintage Transport Extravaganza and a Food & Drink Festival with more planned to be announced soon!  


Tickets and more information are available at

New ticketing and event offers for 2022

Reminder about car parking changes

In February’s Express Points the Railway announced the introduction of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems at both Bridgnorth (station and upper car park) and Kidderminster.

Further queries were raised over how the system operates. These have been collated and managing director Helen Smith has published extensive answers including charging periods, payment, day and staying visitors, gold and platinum shareholders, car parking annual pass holders, exemptions for customers, working member and paid staff parking, multiple vehicles, events, deliveries and appeals.

This information can be found on the 'News General' channel on Teams, the Railway’s main resource for providing important information.

There is no intention for working members or paid staff to be charged for parking. It is vital you register your chosen vehicle on the ‘white list’ using the link in the recent NBI, dated 4th February.

New payment machine and signage at Bridgnorth station. Sue Thomas

New payment machine and signage at Bridgnorth station. Sue Thomas.jpg
Reminder about car parking changes

Rare chance for visitors to go behind the scenes at the SVR

Grand Reponening Poster.jpg

The Railway is set to throw open its workshop doors to passengers to begin the 2022 season. 

The season opener Open House Weekend on 2nd and 3rd April will give visitors an opportunity to delve behind the scenes into areas that they wouldn’t normally get to see - including tours of signal boxes at Kidderminster and Bewdley, visits to the locomotive boiler shop and machine shop at Bridgnorth, cab tours of one of the home-based diesel locomotives, short brake van ride at Highley and an interactive demonstration by resident stonemason Philip Chatfield at The Engine House.

A four-train service will ensure visitors can stop off at all stations. In addition, the Railway has partnered with local company Wyvern Omnibus to transport visitors to Eardington station.

The soundtrack to the weekend will be provided by a selection of brass bands at Kidderminster Town station.

All the SVR’s award-winning pubs and refreshment rooms will be open across the two days.

“The return of the Open House Weekend is the ideal way to start our 2022 calendar,” said head of visitor experience Michael Dunn. “By offering a behind-the-scenes look at the railway, we’re hoping visitors will be inspired and amazed to see how we make everything work.

”Please tell friends and family about Open House Weekend – there’s more information and booking details at or by calling 01562 757 900.” 

Chance to go behind the scenes at the SVR

Stourbridge SVR branch meets again!

After an enforced closedown of two years, the Severn Valley Railway’s Stourbridge branch is pleased to announce that their meetings are now able to resume.


Meetings are normally held on the first Wednesday of each month between September and May inclusive in the Brindley Room at the Bonded Warehouse in Canal Street, Stourbridge, commencing at 7.30 pm. A small charge of £2 is made to cover room costs.


Branch chairman Chris Dyche told Express Points: “We welcome a variety of speakers covering all aspects of railways, and sometimes other types of transport as well.”


Speakers for the coming months are: 

  • 6th April - local historian Keith Hodgkins presenting ‘Black Country Transport in the 60s: Trains, Buses and Canals’.  

  • 4th May - author and photographer Michael Clemens talking about the ‘North Wales Slate Quarries and their Narrow Gauge Railways’.  

Stourbridge bonded warehouse. Brianboru100 2012. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Chris added: “After such a long break, due to the trauma of the past two years, I am delighted that we can at last get back to normal and start our meetings once again. We will look forward to seeing old and new friends, everyone is welcome. Please do come and join us for an enjoyable evening.” 

Stourbridge SVR branch meets again!


In memoriam

Tim Perry passed on 20th February. He was a Hampton Loade volunteer, staunch supporter of the Paddock Railway and a cleaner at Bewdley MPD. We send condolences to his wife Carol, also a volunteer at Hampton Loade, and to family members. The funeral will take place at 1.30 pm on 17th March at Stourbridge Crematorium, DY8 3RQ. Following the ceremony, a celebration of Tim's life will take place at a location to be announced, and to which all friends are invited. Barry Moreton, Volunteer Liaison 

In memoriam

Employment and volunteering opportunities

Case 988 road rail vehicle, 50035 Ark Royal and 31466 at Highley, ready for the day's oper

Assistant operations manager (paid). The opportunity has arisen for a safety conscious, enthusiastic and flexible individual to assist with both the planning and day-to-day running of the SVR operating departments. This full time, permanent role will include some weekend and out-of-office hours working when required. The closing date for applications is 31st March.

There are also vacancies for a seasonal heritage chef, heritage catering staff and retail assistants. Details of all the paid roles are on

Legacy administration volunteer. Gifts in Wills form over 40% of the SVR Charitable Trust’s income. From time to time, the legacy administration team would benefit from a volunteer with knowledge of probate law and career experience in probate or legacy administration. This position lends itself well to working remotely. Please contact or call Helen on 01562 757940.

Case 988 road rail vehicle, 50035 Ark Royal and 31466 at Highley, ready for the day's operations on 2nd March 2022. Brent Cleeton

Employment and volunteering opportunities

Steam in the Family

The 1980s children’s TV series God’s Wonderful Railway holds special memories for many SVR folk. Filmed on location at the SVR, it proved hugely popular and made quite a name for its writer, Avril Rowlands.

Avril has recently turned her hand to writing a novel, based on the lives of people working on a fictional pre-war railway. Steam in the Family explores the relationship of a father and son against the colourful backdrop of a Great Western engine shed in the 1930s.


“What interested me when I was originally researching God’s Wonderful Railway was the loyalty inspired by those who worked for the GWR.  The conflict in Steam in the Family is between Fred, a top-link driver, fiercely proud of the company he works for and his family history which is closely bound up with it, and his son, Tom, who is about to start work as a cleaner, and feels stifled by the expectations put on him by his father.  This theme was a fascinating one to explore.”

Author Avril Rowlands at her desk. Chris Rowlands.JPG

Avril hopes to appeal to a wide readership, and notes that whilst there are many books of reminiscences by retired railwaymen, there are few novels written about the subject.


Technical and historical accuracy were a key ingredient in the novel. Avril was lucky to have two excellent founts of knowledge available. 

“Alun Rees, former chief engineer and general manager of the SVR, went through the book with a fine toothcomb to ensure that I didn’t make any terrible ‘howlers’ for railway enthusiasts to spot.  The other was my husband, Chris, who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of railways in the days of steam. I should add that any mistakes in the book are, of course, mine.”


Steam in the Family is available from Kidderminster Railway museum or via Amazon.

Author Avril Rowlands at her desk. Chris Rowlands

Steam in the Family

Rolling stock news

Shed notes 

With less than a month to go until the start of the 2022 operational season, Bridgnorth shed master Martin White gives a quick summary of what’s been going on at Bridgnorth MPD:

813 has returned from a loan period at Telford Steam Railway, just in time for a quick check over before a scheduled filming job in the first half of March. After this it will be due its two-stage annual boiler insurance examination in the second half of the month to be ready for the start of the season.

Standard maintenance and repairs on locos 43106 and 75069 continue as usual. Meanwhile following essential repairs, maintenance, and a boiler exam, 1501 was granted an extension to its ‘boiler ticket’ by the insurance inspectors. This extension will last until the end of 2022. No sooner had this been achieved, then off it went by road to the East Lancashire Railway for a Gala appearance. 1501 is not the only SVR locomotive currently on hire; 7714 also left by road for a short period on hire to Keighley & Worth Valley.

Work on 2857’s valve & pistons is drawing to a close. Ex-GWR piston valve locos have a relatively complex valve head which has many machined parts, all of which have been made in-house at Bridgnorth and are now being fitted. The 28’ reaches the end of its 10-year ‘boiler ticket’ later in the summer, and discussions are already underway with the insurers regarding a potential extension through until the end of the year.

34027 ‘Taw Valley’ has also passed its insurance examination, and is now in the paint shop, getting ready for its starring role in the SVR’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The preparatory work of cleaning and sanding was completed at the end of the first week of March, ahead of its Jubilee purple repaint. I can guarantee, it’s going to be very eye-catching! (See separate article ‘Taw Valley's makeover begins'.)

Austerity saddle tank ‘Welsh Guardsman’ arrived back at Bridgnorth in mid-February having spent most of 2021 away at Embsay Railway. Repairs, maintenance, inspection, and exams will be carried out before its participation in the SVR Spring Gala event. This will be the first time since the 1980s that this class has operated in public on the SVR.

To round up the remainders, 4930 ‘Hagley Hall’, although not fully painted, has left the paint shop, so that it can be worked on in the shed on the main pit, enabling pipe runs beneath the loco to be completed. In the boiler shop, work on the boiler of 13268 (42968) is at the stage where tubing will commence imminently, and regular volunteer working parties on 4150 and 82045 are continuing.

Click on the gallery for larger screen images, descriptions and credits

Shed notes

Your carriage awaits!

After two years of changes, returning to normal has created a lot of work for the carriage and wagon team, as mechanical team leader Nigel Hanson explains:

A very busy start to the year saw a major shunt to return the trains to their pre-Covid configurations. This had to be fitted in around the possessions for the bridge work. Planned maintenance also continues to ensure the fleet is spick, span, and in running order ready for the start of the season.

Once reassembled, every train takes a turn on the inspection pit in the carriage shed. Door locks and windows receive inspection, and brake blocks are changed and adjusted.

There’s been an awful lot of work to get all the coaches ready for the service in April. From a mechanical point of view, the coaches that have been mothballed haven’t been worn out, but they were covered in dust and dirt from being unused for two years. As a result it’s been a hive of activity in the carriage shed, the cleaners were literally on their hands and knees giving the carriages a deep clean!

In addition to the preparatory work for the opening of the 2022 season in April, scheduled work continues on carriages that have reached their ‘due by date’ for a main works visit. During their life working on the main line, carriages would be expected to return to the shop for repair after every 250,000 miles, which usually occurred every three years. The carriages on the SVR naturally cover fewer miles and so are considered due to return every 20 years.

Recently returning to service after such planned routine mechanical work is GWR Saloon 80969, and as soon as it left the works, BR Open 4059 took its place. A busy time in the works, as on the same day Kitchen Car 1667 came out of the paint shop after receiving attention to its body work, to be immediately replaced by BR Corridor Second 25498, a red and cream livered Mk 1 in need of door pillar replacement!

One of the LNER Teak carriages, 43612, is also receiving split attention between Bewdley and Kidderminster. Whilst the team at Bewdley work on the body, the gangway is receiving attention at Kidderminster. At the same time apprentice Jake Cox is also busy at Kidderminster overhauling the coach’s bogies.

There’s a lot of work still to do, and the jobs being carried out are wide and varied. We even turned our hand to help with the road delivery and unloading of engine, tender, and support coach, as well as coaling, when Britannia came for testing! Much of the work we do is ongoing but as far as getting ready for April 2nd goes, we’re on the home straight now.

Click on the gallery for larger screen images, descriptions and credits

Your carriage awaits!

A Wizzo fit for Royalty

The original D1040 Western Queen is seen at Exeter stabling point. Barry Gay.png

The SVR-based Western Locomotive Association (WLA) is to rename and renumber its locomotive D1062 Western Courier as part of the Railway’s celebrations for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year.


D1040 cabside numberplates and Western Queen name plates will be carried on both sides of the locomotive, as WLA vice-chairman Paul Finch explains:

“One set of plates has been kindly donated for the operating season, and another set will be purchased and will then be raffled – the lucky winner receiving the plates as carried. What a fantastic prize!

“We’re holding a work week at Kidderminster TMD from Wednesday 16th to start getting Western Courier ready for the operating season, and her new role as Western Queen! On the Thursday Railways Illustrated will join us, to research and write an article on the overhaul of our other locomotive, D1013 Western Ranger.” 

The locomotive will later return to its D1062 Western Courier identity. 


Photo: The original D1040 Western Queen is seen at Exeter stabling point. Barry Gay

A Wizzo fit for Royalty

7812 welcomes back its boiler

7812 Erlesoke Manor being reboilered at Tyseley on 26th February 2022. Adrian Hassell (Cop

On 26th February, GWR Manor Class 7812 Erlestoke Manor was reunited with its boiler at Tyseley Locomotive Works.

The loco was withdrawn from service on the Severn Valley Railway upon the expiry of its boiler ticket in January 2018. Since then, it has been located at Tyseley for major overhaul, which has been much delayed due to the pandemic.

Adrian Hassell, chair of the owning group The Erlestoke Manor Fund, commented: “This latest development is a major step towards returning 7812 to SVR operation later in 2022, allowing final assembly and painting to proceed. I particularly want to acknowledge, amongst so many, the work of Tyseley Locomotive Works and the EMF volunteers, who have brought us to this stage.”


7812 Erlestoke Manor being reboilered at Tyseley on 26th February 2022. Adrian Hassell  

7812 Erlesoke Manor being reboilered at Tyseley on 26th February, 2022. Adrian Hassell (Co
7812 welcomes back its boiler

Other news

The Charitable Trust turns 10!

The Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust turns 10 later this year and is celebrating the £8.74 million in donations that has been raised for the Railway over the last decade.  £6.54 million of this has been raised directly through the Trust and £2.2 million in emergency grants directly to the Railway.  


Thanks to the generous support of donors, over £5.3 million has been raised through the Trust in grants and donations for vital infrastructure, rolling stock and educational projects (such as the restoration of 4930 Hagley Hall), Falling Sands Viaduct, the apprenticeship scheme and, following the success of the most recent £475,000 appeal, desperately-needed improvements to Bridgnorth locomotive works.  


Many smaller, but equally important, projects have also benefited from donations, such as £5,000 last year to restore the wooden bracket signal in Bewdley to keep this rare and historic style of early GWR signal in operation.  


In addition to the funding to support the Railway in the present day, £1.24 million has been raised for long-term investment in the Trust’s Future Fund endowment, which currently sits at £1.83 million. As this grows, it will play a key part in supporting the SVR in the future. Executive director Shelagh Paterson said: 


“The 10th anniversary of the Charitable Trust is a great time to celebrate the incredible £8.74 million in donations that has been raised for the Railway over the last decade. We would like to thank all of our donors for helping us preserve the precious history and heritage of the SVR.”

813 crossing Falling Sands c John Whitehouse.jpg
Pie-chart for CT 10th Anniversary (Copy).jpg
HF New.png

813 crossing Falling Sands c John Whitehouse

Jacob Cox apprentice Loretta Milan

The Charitable Trust turns 10! 

A trio for the Charitable Trust 

LNER 43612 in Bewdley paintshop.  John Chitham.jpg

The Charitable Trust has announced the funding of three new projects. 


After success with the apprenticeship scheme and the Falling Sands Viaduct project, the Charitable Trust has now secured over £100,000 to fund a large-scale education project at The Engine House at Highley.


The funding will support work to draw in more visitors and encourage people of all ages to take a greater interest in the Railway’s heritage. 


Carriage 43612, one of the SVR’s beloved Gresleys, is due an overhaul and following a donation of 10 seat cages, the Charitable Trust is providing £1,312 to support the work. The moquette is already in stock, having been acquired during a previous vehicle re-fit, and the work will be carried out by a volunteer upholster. 

A trio for the Charitable Trust 

Funding of £3,750 is being made available for the purchase of an LMS chassis which will be used to provide spares to maintain the Railway’s LMS carriages.  


“We want to say thank you to everyone who made a donation to support these important projects,” said Shelagh Paterson, the CT’s executive director. “The funding for these three projects is being provided as part of the latest £700,000 grant from the Charitable Trust to the Railway. This also covers the Heritage Apprenticeship Scheme, the roof repairs, lighting and crane at Bridgnorth locomotive works – following the successful recent appeal – as well as Bridgnorth Station lighting, Bewdley signal bracket and engineering support required because of Covid-19.”

LNER 43612 in Bewdley paintshop. John Chitham

SVR teams rise to meet the challenge

Between 16th and 21st February, Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin caused huge damage and disruption through Shropshire and Worcestershire, not least in the Severn Valley, where there was considerable flooding. The Railway was able to assist the authorities and local communities facing this emergency. 

West Mercia Police declared a major incident in Bewdley and strongly urged residents to evacuate the area. This followed a severe flood warning as the Environment Agency warned of a significant flood risk at Beales Corner, where water eventually breached the top of the barriers. 

Bewdley station master James Pearson told Express Points: “I received a call from the Police asking to use the station for an Incident Command Post for both the emergency services and the Environment Agency, as they needed somewhere as a base nearby on the Wribbenhall side of the river. Given the urgency of the situation, I immediately authorised them to use the station buffet as this was an ideal size for their needs as well as having plug points and Wi-Fi.

“Last time Bewdley flooded, several vehicles caught in the flood water were written off. This time, the station car park was left open for residents to park their vehicles for free until flooding subsided, which lasted until the Saturday evening, 26th February.” 

Storm felled tree, 18th February 2022. Brent Cleeton.jpg

At Hampton Loade, the road down to the village and Unicorn Inn flooded. Assistant station master Sam Lench told Express Points: “As a gesture of goodwill we opened the station so that residents could park their cars safely until flooding subsided. We were happy to do what we could to help.”

The offers of assistance at both Bewdley and Hampton Loade were widely communicated, with very appreciative feedback from the communities across social media as “an example of excellent community spirit.”

James added: “I am pleased to see our offer to host the Incident Command Post and to use the car park was well received and we wish all those affected by the flooding all the very best as they begin their recovery from this event.”


On the Railway itself several trees came down, with staff and volunteers managing with their usual skill and efficiency. Infrastructure manager Chris Bond added: “With the river in flood we will be keeping a close eye on the usual areas of concern.”

Storm felled tree, 18th February 2022. Brent Cleeton

SVR teams rise to meet the challenge

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