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Kidderminster/Bewdley Carriage & Wagon update

Page updated on: 06/03/2018



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March 6th 2018

BR Composite Corridor 16169 - repairs continue in the paint shop

In the works LMS 2886 Six-wheel Passenger Brake 2886 is receiving attention to its brakes

BR Brake Gangwayed 80776 has had its handbrake removed in preparation for the alterations to make it suitable as an invalid diner.

Mick Haynes

February 14th 2018

Putting a shine on things

SVR apprentice Ronan O’Brien took these photos just after he’d finished re-varnishing 1146 – one of the coaches that was vandalised over the Christmas break. He was keeping his fingers crossed that the freezing temperatures wouldn’t cause the varnish to ‘bloom’ or dry with a whitish tinge, and that he’d have to start all over again.

The news is good – the varnish has dried perfectly, and Ronan can breathe a sigh of relief!

The SVR Charitable Trust was only able to fund the restoration of 1146 and 2701 because of the generosity of our supporters. There are many other urgent carriage restoration projects still to fund. Please donate online at…/donate-online-2.html

January 16th 2018

The Charitable Trust has received a flood of donations following the attack by vandals on two of the SVR’s carriages over the festive season. The response has been so impressive that we’ve hit our £10,000 appeal target in just one week.
The speed and generosity of the response shows just how shocked people were when the news of this awful incident broke. It also reveals the depth of their passion for the SVR, and everything it stands for. With the exception of a handful of larger amounts, most of the donations we received were between £10 and £25. Each one was a vote of confidence in the sterling skills of the SVR’s restoration volunteers and staff, and we are so grateful to everyone for their support. Here’s a flavour of why two of our hundreds of donors supported us:
“The SVR preserves important machines from our past, and the experience people can have from them. I hope this helps it to continue to preserve the two vandalised carriages for everyone to experience.”
“After our Christmas Eve Santa visit which you made so magical, I wanted to give you something back for this senseless act of vandalism.”
A generous donation of £1,000 took the appeal past its £10,000 target. This came from the Worcestershire Ambassadors, a group that draws together leaders of industry, enterprise and public life. The group’s chair, Phil Dutton of Handelsbanken Worcester, said:
“When we learnt about the vandalised carriages, we felt very strongly that we wanted to help the railway in its time of need. As a group, our aim is to promote Worcestershire as a place to work, live and visit. Making this donation to the county’s leading heritage and visitor
attraction is exactly the sort of cause we want to support.”
Work to restore the first of the vandalised carriages, the teak-bodied GNR 2701 dating from 1922, is well underway in the paint shop at Kidderminster. A team of volunteers spent three days removing the spray paint by hand. The gold leaf lettering and painted lining on the
carriage was badly damaged but is now being painstakingly restored. The team will then apply several fresh coats of varnish to finish things off. Paint removal will begin in the next few days on the second vandalised carriage, the metal-skinned GWR 1146.
The unscheduled work to restore these two important carriages has meant a delay to this month’s scheduled projects in C&W, including the conversion of a vehicle to provide first class dining accommodation, suitable for wheelchair users and their companions.
Although the initial appeal target of £10,000 has been reached, we’re still seeking further contributions to carriage restoration, and donations can be made online at or by phoning 01562 757940.
Shelagh Paterson Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust


January 10th 2018

27218 is complete and as most of you know 2701 came in for Graffiti removal. Is i removed now but there is lining to repair before varnishing can take place. 
In Feb 1146 will replace it for the same treatment. 
3103 is complete and is being replaced by 3 toplights for vacuum cylinder and DA valve attention. 2886 is inside for brake work.

December 26th 2017

Not something we wanted to wake up the last 48 hours, vandals have attacked some of our historic carriages at Kidderminster with graffiti. An investigation is underway.

In light of this, some of our trains will be shorter than planned as the affected carriages will be removed from service. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We are extremely saddened by this turn of events, especially in the season of goodwill. But, in true Severn Valley Railway spirit, we will continue with smiles on our faces and ensure the much-loved and painstakingly-restored vehicles are returned to service as quickly as possible for our passengers to enjoy.

[EDIT: Collett 3rd 1146 and GNR 2701]

December 19th 2017

27218 is almost complete and receiving a re-varnish after touching up of the lining. 
25498 is back in traffic and 3103 is now receiving its scheduled bogie overhaul.

Mike Haynes


November 20th 2017

As noted below, GWR 9615 Kitchen Diner First entered the Bewdley paintshop on October 10th after patiently waiting for its overhaul since its withdrawal (2005?). When it was withdrawn it needed some repairs. 12 years later and it has deteriorated badly. The gutters have given way and the rot has set in. It has now been under cover for over a month and yet parts are still damp. It is not only a unique coach, but it is integral to the SVR history, having served in the Limited set for many years, earning useful revenue for the railway. 
A set of images is available to view on Flickr

J Chitham, SVR Unofficial Forum

November 4th 2017

The KRCC's project for the week has been giving Buffet SC1855 some TLC with a heavy clean and wax. A fresh coat of paint and varnish is the usual way of keeping our coaches looking tip top and to help protect the bodywork. This work has been carried out to see how clean the coach would come up, how long will it last and how much work will it take to maintain the finish, as wax isn’t as hard wearing as varnish.

Two images added.

K Felstead and J Davis

October 20th 2017

24015 has received attention to heights and repositioning of the toilet soil pipes. It is now complete and back in the set. 

On the mechanical side BR 4550 Tourist Standard Open has received attention to its wheelsets.

BR 25498 Corridor Second is receiving its scheduled bogie overhaul.
LMS 27218 Third Open is continuing to receive attention to its corner post and surrounding framework. 
At Bewdley GWR 9615 Kitchen Diner First has entered the paint shop for major repairs, taking the space previously occupied by 6045.

GWR 2119 Full Third has been placed outside the joinery shop for a long overdue overhaul.

Mick Haynes

September 22nd 2017

27220 is now complete and has been replaced by 24105 to have all the bogies and running gear checked. On 24105 the only job is completion of the toilet which requires a lift anyway to route the soil pipe. 
27218 has replaced 24105 in the paint shop for a repair to the roof and wood work around the toilet in the north east end.

Mick Haynes

August 9th 2017

The SVR Charitable Trust's LNER Open Third 24105 is being varnished and the interior nears completion except for the toilet, more on the LNER coaches page.

The SVR's GWR 9654 Restaurant Third's mechanical work is now complete and it has been moved into the carriage shed until there is space for it at Bewdley to complete the interior. 
LMS 27220 Third Open has replaced 9654 for a mechanical overhaul.

Mick Haynes

July 11th 2017

1853 is back in service after the spring repairs. 
9653 has received attention to no 2 vacuum cylinder and vacuum bags. 
9654 bogies are still progressing.

Mick Haynes

June 9th 2017

The SVR Charitable Trust's LNER Open Third 24105 is now panelled and varnished. Work is continuing on fitting out the inside with the new seat frames. 
The SVR's GWR 9654 Restaurant Third's bogies are progressing well with good progress on pins and bushes. One of the bolsters has been removed, cleaned down and painted in order to free it up although there are no problems so far. 
The SVR's BR 1853 Restaurant Miniature Buffet has entered to have another broken spring replaced. 
Welding on the SVR's BR 16169 Composite Corridor has progressed well with ends and one side completed. It will probably be turned to give good access to the other side. 
Inside the carriage shed the Great Western (SVR) Association's GWR 829 Full Third is having attention to its door pillars to remove the corrosion.

Mick Haynes

May 30th 2017

GW(SVR)A owned Collett corridor brake composite 6562 is nearing completion of its overhaul, and is in the yard at Bewdley. A website update is available on and includes pictures of a first class compartment, a third class compartment (added to the gallery here), the third class toilet and the newly rebuilt and freshly grained guard's compartment. Photos courtesy of Mick Haynes.

April 24th 2017

Mk 1 BR 25498 is back in the Crimson and Cream rake after a repaint and it's a work of art. As the dedicated platform was unavailable this coach was painted in the carriage shed by the train repairers, whilst also maintaining the other 45 coaches. It has brand new upholstery, all the roof vents rebedded, four new compartment ceilings, a repaint and varnish. The battery boxes will need attention shortly.

Leo Roberts (image added) and Colin Harsley.

March 30th 2017

Some exciting news: the GW(SVR)A has essentially entered into a swap deal by which the Association will receive Collett bow-ended third 4786 for restoration and the SVR will get the heavily modified bow-ender 5043 for conversion to a buffet car. This is a win-win situation for all parties.

The uncertain future of 4786 has been resolved and this coach will become the next project for the GW(SVR)A on completion of 6045.

The railway gets a vehicle which was always earmarked for conversion to a much needed buffet car for the GW sets. Externally this will represent the bow-ended composite kitchen car built to the same profile, but internally it will have a buffet counter and full wheelchair access. Design work has already been carried out by an Association member for this conversion. The work will be carried out by the LNER Coach Fund once they have completed work on the GWR Toad. This means both of these coaches will be worked on at the same time and thus returned to service sooner. The prospect of all 4 bow-enders on the railway being in service could well only be a few years away.

Gareth James Price, GW(SVR)A.

More work was found on 1856 but that is back in traffic and a spate of vacuum cylinder repairs has gone through the works. These were 6913, 829, 4545, 4509, 9220. 16232 is now have a broken coil spring replaced on a commonwealth bogie and then 9654 will enter for bogie overhaul. 
9654 is complete externally but it requires a fiar more inside as new luggage racks are being made with curtains etc.

Mick Haynes

February 24th 2017

Mick Haynes reports that 4550 is now finished and 1856 has entered for attention to its horn guides where the build up of rust has made then tighter than is best. 16169 has moved to outside the works for welding repairs to its ends.

February 17th 2017

Mick Haynes reports that 1853 has been in for a check and is now back out with only a few jobs needed.

4550 has replaced it for attention to the toilet chute following the major repair to the toilet frame. 

February 2017

  • 3rd class diner 9654 is now painted and lined in Bewdley paint shop. It still needs varnish and the interior finishing.

  • The guard's compartment of Great Western (SVR) Association workshop carriage, Collett full brake 98 (owned by the 813 Fund), has been stripped and repainted and now looks bright and inviting. Only the guard's letter rack which fits on the wall above the desk is left to paint and refit. This compartment is used for painting. The next part of 98 to be tackled will be another section of the walls of the large van.

G J Price

January 23rd 2017

4550 is now being lined and lettered. It will then need final varnishing and buffer heights checked before it can re-enter service. It ended up as a major repair. 24105 is being prepared to replace it. In the mechanical side 2701 is receiving attention to steam leaks and 1853 has entered for its lift and regular bogie checks and overhaul.

2701 and  24105 are part of the Teak Set 

Mick Haynes

January 10th 2017

GWR - restaurant third 9654 is coming along nicely in Bewdley paint shop, now up to undercoat.

G J Price


December 4th 2016

149 is now back in traffic - it needed additional work to cure a steam leak. 
7284 is nearing completion and it has required a little work to avoid steam entering the compartments from the stem outlets under the floor. 
4550 is making good progress with much of the toilet wall now back in place. 
At Bewdley 6562 interior is progressing with attention to the graining and toilet interiors despite the cold weather. 9654 is inside the shed to be finished off.

Mick Haynes

November 14th 2016

7284 is partly through its bogie overhaul but has been temporarily put aside whist the wheelsets have been changed on the south end bogie of 149. 
There were signs of oil between the wheel and its journal so the set has been changed to be sure there is no slippage. 
This is now complete so work will continue on 7284.

October 28th 2016

LNER 43612 is back in service.

9055 is receiving attention to its vacuum cylinders and then Collett composite 7284 will have a scheduled bogie overhaul. 

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October 21st 2016

LNER No. 52255 is back in service.

GWR 9369 Nondescript Saloon has been withdrawn due to needing work on the Guard's and other doors and the toilet floor.

LNER No. 43612 has entered for attention to body height. 
BR Tourist Standard Open 4550 work continues. 

October 7th

Whilst 9369 is waiting for its new toilet chutes, 52255 has re-entered the shop to have its steam heat drain pipes moved to give extra clearance. 9369's bogies are almost complete. 

September 29th

A lovely image added from Michael Howard of 6562 being painted at Bewdley. 

September 16th

4550 (BR Mk I Tourist Standard Open, from the Maroon set) has replaced LNER No. 52255 in the paint shop and is receiving repairs in particular to one of the toilet floors and to doors. 

GWR 9369 Nondescript Saloon has entered the mechanical side for a bogie overhaul.

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