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A message from the SVR membership department

The Membership Department would like to thank everyone for the positive response that has been have received from members signing up to renew their membership subscriptions by Direct Debit.

Whilst this has been extremely successful, we still urge those of you that pay by other means to consider the switch to Direct Debit.

By signing up to Direct Debt, members do not need to worry about remembering when their membership is up for renewal as this will automatically be processed by the Membership Department. A notification will be emailed out to you 10 working days prior to the payment being taken.

The benefits work for the SVR as well, reducing costs and streamlining the renewal process.

We would also like to remind those of you who haven’t already provided us with an email address to contact Tori Wakeman on or call on 01562 757 930.

Thank you so much for your continued support and for helping to ensure the future of the SVR.

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