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Progress report on the Bridgnorth station building project

With a number of ‘quick win’ improvements already made to the Bridgnorth station building, general manager Helen Smith and project manager Neil Dancer have an update on what’s happening next with this important project: The project team recommenced meetings in January, and there have been many discussions and on-site meetings with local staff. The main thrust of this Listed Building project is to bring back all areas into use by readjusting the internal retail, bar, waiting room and office / storage spaces with appropriate repairs. There will be minimal alterations to the external aspects of the Listed Building to ensure the character of the property is maintained. A number of ‘quick win’ tasks have already been completed, including the replacement and re-siting of the main electrical supply and consumer unit in readiness for future rewiring, a permanent disabled toilet fronting onto the platform, and replacement of the roof gutter system to prevent further staining of walls. In the near future, the dilapidated windows will be replaced/repaired as appropriate. All the above tasks are deemed appropriate repair and fall within the Listed Building limitations. Tribute must be paid to Chris Bond and Chris Thomas for these project achievements.

In addition, infrastructure volunteer Nick Yarwood has completed a small but effective piece of work; the alignment of two manhole covers and selective tarmac patching have produced a level walkway from the top of the Donkey Gallops to the main building entrance – this greatly improves the walking surface and is an aesthetic enhancement. The major elements of the scheme revolve around the realignment of the internal spaces and fittings and dealing with a stand-out anomaly, namely a 1940s lean-to building (the parcel office.) Both are captured within the Listed Building footprint and are subject to Planning/Listed Building constraints. There is valuable historic content in the lean-to, relating to the period when Bridgnorth hosted a major RAF basic training camp for around 3,000 recruits. Chris Bond has researched the conditions and due consideration will be given as we progress. The preferred solution for the lean-to is to rebuild as existing but to current Building Regulations. Internally it will be incorporated into the extended shop area, and will provide much-needed extra retail space. A full application has been lodged with Shropshire County Council, site inspections are in the diary, and we await the decision of the local authority. To ensure best value, the submitted plans were based on previously obtained accurate survey drawings, commissioned for the already completed buffet/toilet scheme. In the happy outcome that Listed Building and Planning Consent are granted, the project team will move to secure accurate costings for the proposed alterations, and to develop a suitable fit-out for the increased space for the retail, bar and waiting areas in keeping with SVR requirements. In September, we’ll hold an online Q&A session for SVR shareholders and members, with panel members from the groups managing the Bridgnorth projects. If you have a question, please send it to We look forward to seeing you there! These images are cropped thumbnails. Click on the links to see the full planning applications:

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