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Bridgnorth Station Development: update October 2019

The Holdings Board Directors recently reviewed the status of the Bridgnorth

Project. Following completion of Phase I - The Refreshment Room, a Project Team

has been progressing on plans and obtaining tenders for the Bridgnorth Turntable

pit, restoration of the Turntable, renewal of track work in Bridgnorth yard and the

provision of a new loco pit.

The civils costs for the turntable have been received. However only two companies

during the tender period quoted and those two quotes had massive variances and

much more expensive than first envisaged. The Directors agreed that as this is the

case a longer tender period would be given and more companies encouraged to

tender for the work. This will inevitably delay this phase of the development


The Project Team, with the help from architect Phil Howl, is developing;

 plans and costs for improvements in the public realm specifically the area

around the station building, refreshment room, donkey gallop and the area

by the level crossing.

 plans for the development of the station building conservation and extension

of the Bar are also being reviewed and a cost estimate will be established

for this Phase.

The Board will then be in a better position to assess the plans and costs for the

remaining phases of the project, and make an informed decision on how these

phases will progress, utilising the remaining share offer funds and other

opportunities such as applications to grant giving bodies.

Nick Ralls

General Manager

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